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No Ohm Connects since February 27

JUANL1999JUANL1999 Posts: 11Member
I just realized I haven't had an ohm connect for more than a month and a half. Is this normal? Used to have one once or twice a week. Don't know if its because the weather has been pretty good so energy use has been low.

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  • JUANL1999JUANL1999 Posts: 11Member
    @Kate from OhmConnect we used to have 1 a week and then I was thinking like @That Son Of A Bitz that it's been really nice weather so not many people are using their AC or heaters. But lately it's been in the 80 degrees and I thought oh we'll probably have one soon.

    I ask too because I know there have been glitches with OhmConnect at times and was wondering if it was just me, maybe the program was cancelled and not notified, or like mentioned the grid is stable in my area. Which would not be a bad thing either to have a stable grid.

    Just wanted to make sure everything was good and it sounds like everything is normal. Thank you guys for your quick response.
  • Kate from OhmConnectKate from OhmConnect Posts: 951Administrator

    Hmm...that does seem like a while. @juanl1999@yahoo.com can you check your Settings to make sure you are signed up to receive notifications? That's the first thing to check.

  • JUANL1999JUANL1999 Posts: 11Member
    @Kate from OhmConnect actually I received one today and I haven't changed anything. My dashboard said the last Ohmconnect was February 27 and doesn't show that I missed any. Only odd thing is that I got one April 6 at 4pm but the OhmConnect from 7-8pm. Usually get notice 5 minutes before an OhmConnect happens. Then at 7:55pm on the same day I got another Ohm Connect from 8-9pm but my smart plugs didn't turn off. Check my dashboard today and the OhmConnect from 7-8pm didn't show but the one from 8-9pm did. On April 11 I had an Ohm Connect and that one went normal, got my notice 5 minutes before and lasted from 4-5pm and the smart plugs turned off and on at the appropriate time. So long story short I didn't change anything and Ohm Connects started up again with some issues but they seem to have resolved themselves. Thanks for the help. Looks like whatever glitch it might be has resolved itself.
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