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@Kate from OhmConnect So we just got an email today from SCE touting this program - Summer Discount Plan (SDP)

**_Enroll in Summer Discount Plan (SDP) now and you can earn up to $200* in bill credits. Take advantage of program options that work for your credit or comfort level. And, there's no cost to enroll.

How It Works
Summer Discount Plan is a free program designed to help you manage your summer energy costs. To help conserve during energy events, we will temporarily turn off or cycle off your air conditioner (A/C) compressor. In return, you'll earn up to $200* in bill credits.

Options to Fit Your Life
Summer Discount Plan offers you the flexibility to choose your level of comfort and savings. Want to make savings your priority? Choose the Maximum Savings option and earn up to $200* in bill credits. Prefer to stay comfortable? Go with the Maximum Comfort option. _**

Before I explore this any further‚ is this something that we can participate in along with OhmConnect or is it considered a conflicting program and we are not eligible?

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    is this still relevant I am on this plan and cannot join ohmconnect so does that mean SCE is better than ohmconnect?. I dont think after reading the negatives that ohmconnect is better than sce summer discount plan. hey my other post got deleted.. so that is answering my own question.. steve E dont switch =)

  • jimnyojimnyo Member Posts: 4

    i'm in the same boat. can someone tell me why ohmconnect or sce is better in your opinion? thanks!

  • jimnyojimnyo Member Posts: 4

    i'm in the same boat. can someone tell me why ohmconnect or sce is better in your opinion? thanks!

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    @jimnyo It all comes down to how much you can expect to save with the "summer discount plan" vs what you expect to earn via OhmConnect. Everyone will be different as it is based on your consumption.
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    @Steve E I was in the SCE program before joining OC. I don't have an air conditioner and am a low user, so SCE ended my participation! ha! So glad I found OhmConnect or I wouldn't be making anything. If you have a good streak, think twice before giving that up. SCE will end their program and you'll have to start over here. When SCE says "up to $200", that's the very max possible, so I wouldn't count on getting that much back unless you run your AC day and night.

  • @No Pain No Gain thanks so much for sharing your experience here. OhmConnect pays when others can't!

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