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3 sign-up questions

andersesanderses Posts: 2Member


I began signing up months ago via
How can I qualify for the $20 promotion?

Second question:
I have already qualified for CARE. Does this program affect my status in that program?

  1. Lastly, must I buy things from you to participate? If so, this is not the program for me. I already minimize my energy use trememdously.



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  • Kate from OhmConnectKate from OhmConnect Posts: 1,049Administrator
    Accepted Answer

    First, welcome! Second, it's really important for low-energy users to be conscious of appliances or devices in the home that cause energy that will have a greater impact on your usage than for other users.

    These include:
    -your fridge
    -your smart tv and any cable box

    You definitely don't have to purchase any devices, but I've put smart plugs on mine to help me get below my very low forecast.


  • andersesanderses Posts: 2Member

    Thanks, Kate. Yes, Its WAY old and you've been sending me emails for many months since, which is how I got to you today. Okay, can you give me a tip for a how a low usage person can earn and when peak ohm hours might be? thank you for your prompt response.


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