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Issue connecting juicebox pro

Baba GheBaba Ghe Posts: 16Member
No matter how I try to connect juicebox, either by juicebox Id or emotorwerks login, I can't connect my juicebox charger for my EV to ohmconnect.
Adding by juicebox id it shows connected by status is unknown. By emotorwerks login it keeps saying incorrect username password. Does anyone else face the issue? Apologies if it is asked by anyone already. I couldn't find this question.

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  • Baba GheBaba Ghe Posts: 16Member
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    May be. No problems so far for me with Alexa. Thanks for sharing that with me. I didn't explore emotorwerks skill for Alexa before. There is nothing for Google Assistant for juicebox. So I never even thought about it :)


  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
    edited May 2017

    Sorry you're having this problem @FremontSaver - we just added some backend logging on our end. Can you try connecting again? Let me know when you have, and I'll see if I can do some debugging.

  • Baba GheBaba Ghe Posts: 16Member

    Hi Kate, thanks for looking into this. I just retried it at 5:17 PDT pm on fri 5/15. It gave me incorrect username and password when tried with emotorwerks login. my userid for the emotorwerks is [email protected] Also tried with juicebox id. It said it could connect successfully. But status is always unknown.

  • Richard strangeRichard strange SoCalPosts: 71Member

    I also have this issue. Able to connect OK but status is always unknown and control doesn't seem to work. When I hit on, nothing happens other than "unknown" updating to "charging" (its not charging ) and then if I hit off, it then comes up with an error stating:
    DEVICE NOT SUPPORTED. Do not have anything we can do with a JUICEBOX, device_id=8513

    I have TOU charging enabled on this, so wondering if that might be causing some sort of bug?

  • Baba GheBaba Ghe Posts: 16Member
    I don't have TOU. Just the base rate plan. I don't think it has anything with our rate plan.
  • Richard strangeRichard strange SoCalPosts: 71Member
    @FremontSaver thanks, good to know as we can remove that as a variable.

    Intrestingly I can set mine up with either my juicebox account registered email ot its serial number. Have you noticed there are also selections for emotorworks and juicebox?
  • Baba GheBaba Ghe Posts: 16Member
    @Richard strange Yes, I see both options. But none of them really works. And it looks like OC team is too busy for the time to work on resolving this at the moment. It is good to know that I am not alone though.
  • Richard strangeRichard strange SoCalPosts: 71Member

    Not that I had my car plugged in tonight, but I noticed at least OC toggled it to off.

    I have an issue to report to emotorworks anyway (to do with the amazon alexa skill), so I might see if I can find somebody helpful to work with there since the problem may well be on their side.

  • Richard strangeRichard strange SoCalPosts: 71Member
    So it looks like when you connect it as a juicbox, you can use any fictitious accout you like and it seems to register and say connected.

    I've contacted emotorworks now, so we'll see if they are helpful. I noticed when I logged into my Juicbox account, it looks like part of their authentication may rely on a PIN to be generated for linking, so I expect thats partly why it doesnt work.
  • Baba GheBaba Ghe Posts: 16Member
    Great @Richard strange. Please post what you find out. I added emotorwerks as Amazon skill and it got added fine. I haven't used it yet though.
  • Richard strangeRichard strange SoCalPosts: 71Member

    Yes the skill works fine so you will have no problem.

    My issue with it is that it doesn't work when you switch your Alexa to a local outside of the USA. I'm originally from the UK, so I've switched mine to a UK voice (for better speech recognition), and I guess the skill isn't a supported app there, and therefore it stops working.

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