Can Ohmconnect support Piper and it's attached Z-Wave Devices?

I have an existing setup with two Piper devices (combo security, video camera and z-wave hub). My setup includes several z-wave switches on lights and appliances. Is there a way you can offer support for these so they can be shut off during peak times?



  • The Bitz BoysThe Bitz Boys Union CityModerator Posts: 1,017
    Sorry, they do not support any devices other than the ones they sell in their store or have listed in devices you can connect. Maybe you can create an IFTTT recipe for these devices based on OH email notifications you get before and after an OH.
  • Steve ReedSteve Reed Member Posts: 111

    I use an ISY-994i/ZW to control a combination of Insteon and Z Wave devices. The ISY can monitor a url that is specific to your Ohmconnect account a set of instructions when an ohmhour is active for your address.

  • EagleEagle Member Posts: 5
    @SteveReed Are you controlling X10 devices with your Universal Devices ISY-994i? I'd given up on ever using them again, but maybe there is hope... If you are using them, are they any more reliable with this system?
  • Steve ReedSteve Reed Member Posts: 111

    I've switched out all my x10 devices with Insteon devices. They are much more reliable.

  • SD ChipSD Chip Member Posts: 146

    For those that still have a box of X10 devices around....they do have a wifi adapter. You can control your devices from an app on your phone.

  • leilanilatimerleilanilatimer Member Posts: 1

    How do I connect my Insteon smart switches with my Ohmconnect account?

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