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I was never notified of an OhmHour

JessieWJessieW Posts: 4Member

I never received a text message announcing the most recent ohmhour. I only received a text saying the hour was over. I've received texts just fine for all the hours in the past, just not this one. What can I do about that?

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  • JessieWJessieW Posts: 4Member
    Yes I have already had the option selected to receive a text before the ohm hour. I've now had problems with the last the ohm hours. Two of them i never received a text notification (they only notified me that it was over) and one of them i received a notification only 2 minutes before the hour started.
  • MaliaMalia Posts: 2Member

    I did get the notification for a 2:00 Ohm our - AT 2:00!!! I didn't get the text until 2:30, too late to opt out and too late to prepare - thus we were WAY over and lost a bunch of points.

    I am very frustrated. Ohm's response was to say "well this is why if you have a smart device and plugs it will automate for you...

    Yeah, well great, thanks.. I got a thing that you get a "Free" smart thermostat etc, but you have to pay it out of pocket FIRST and then get REIMBURSED. Great, if you have a couple of hundred dollars laying around you don't need for who knows how much time!

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