Unrealistic usage reduction.

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The system is not realistic. I have not been home and the program lowers my goals based on the past history when NOTHING was left on and I was not home. Now I'm home and I can't lower usage when I wasn't using any electricity in the first place. Whoever came up with this system is not in touch with reality.


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    @[email protected] Do you have a refrigerator? That's one thing that 99.99% of users have on all of the time. Actually, I have yet to come across a user who said they don't have one.

    Have you looked into Smart Plugs? More and more people are putting them on their refrigerators and other high usage items such as pool pumps and entertainment centers.

    I'd encourage you to look through the forums. A lot of great info here and a lot of people willing to help.

    Welcome to Ohmconnect!
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    We were just on vacation for two weeks. I unplugged everything in the house except the energy star refrigerator. There were several ohm hours while we were away. We were over our goals for all of them. The goals being set are unrealistic for people who were already trying to save energy. I'm not going to turn off the refrigerator!

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    You don't have to turn off the fridge. Get a smart plug that Ohmconnect will shut off during the ohmhour. It won't affect anything in your fridge and will lead to great savings.

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    @dave-15 said:
    We were just on vacation for two weeks. I unplugged everything in the house except the energy star refrigerator. There were several ohm hours while we were away. We were over our goals for all of them. The goals being set are unrealistic for people who were already trying to save energy. I'm not going to turn off the refrigerator!

    The forecast is based on your last 10 days of usage (4 if OhmHour is on a weekend day).

    If the "goal" you are referring too is the Mega Ohmhour goal, it's no surprise that you were over. These goals are typically somewhere between your forecast and zero....meaning they want you to go above and beyond. You'll keep your streak if you're below the forecast but unless you meet the Mega Goal you won't get the extra bonuses. The longer you are away the lower your forecast and goal will be as days drop out of the calculation. This might seem "unrealistic" to you but how does OhmConnect know you are away from home? How would they know to make a special exemption for you? They don't.

    The best thing you can do if you are going on vacation, is to change your availability so that you don't participate while you're away. When you get home...give it a week or so for your usage and forecasts to trend up, then start participating again!

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    I think we have come to the conclusion that this program does not make sense for us. We have been conscientiously trying to save energy for many years. About all we have been able to do to cut down during ohm hours is to prepare dinner with the kitchen lights off and turn off the music. But since all the lights in our kitchen totals less than 100 watts (LEDs), and the music is probably less, we never seem to reach targets, or if we do, they are very small savings over our normal behavior. We also seem to get the messages about ohm hours very close to the time when they are happening. Since we are not people who are tethered to our devices (a dying breed) we often don't find out about them until after they are done. All of this just lead us to find the program to be frustrating and an annoyance, and are starting to ignore it...

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    We are new to this program, and within 3 weeks, it does not look good at all. We have solar systems (there are 3 separate systems, and the last 2 were my own doing), so we have very aggressive strategy to cut down our own use. But like most people, the Ohm hours are right at dinner making time. And with 4 young kids, we can not miss their dinner because they need to finish dinner and be in bed by 8pm, or 9pm at the latest. Our second Ohm's goal was a negative number. How on earth do we suppose to beat a negative number when you need to make dinner? I was also projected to be the hottest day of the week too. Thus, the algorithm of setting up Ohmhour goal is based on previous 10 day usage is not truely reflective of our actual usage since the previous 10 days might be the best days for our solar production and not our usage. As we are shifting into winter weather, our solar production will be worse so we are penalized every time with Ohmhour goal. Unless they can design the system smart enough to take care of scenerios like ours, and others too, this program is a nuissance, not helping any.

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    The advice for solar users is to avoid allowing OhmHours during hours that you have significant solar production. This will avoid the chance of getting penalized for varying solar production. I have my hours set to allow OhmHours only after 7pm to avoid this factor. The other issue is that since OhmConnect is a demand-reduction program, it's only really effective if you have demand that can easily be shifted to different times. We have an electric car and an electric dryer. Both uses can be easily shifted to other hours. If you don't have those, a battery such as a Tesla Powerwall is another (albeit expensive) option to be able to shift demand to a different time. If you can't do anything like that, then I would have to agree that it would not be a very good fit for you.

    One thing that may not be obvious is that it isn't OhmConnect that's setting the rules. The 10-day lookback is how the utilities calculate the amount they pay out to demand-reduction providers. OhmConnect is simply giving individual homeowners a way to participate in this market.

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    @phong59 --I too have solar as well as all electric house so if I need to do things, cook, or otherwise, it is electric. A few things you might try--first, set your hours now to only get an ohm hour when it is dark. Maybe 7-9 PM. Right now you'd get half or so of that first hour with possibility of still making power. As the days change, so does your availability so at the end of October you might be up to 3 hours, 6-9 PM. I don't think I've ever gotten an ohm hour past 9 PM unless it was a mega that started at 8 PM (and I just got an email from OC saying they expect to shower us with a few mega events these next several days....). Second, if your ohm hour is during your prime dinner making time, is it possible to adjust your schedule so that you either make the dinner earlier or maybe eat picnic style--sandwiches, cold chicken, etc. I'm not advocating to go out to eat every time you get an ohm hour during dinner time, that would not make sense, but isince you usually know 24 hours ahead, maybe you can adjust your diet.. Another thing I do is use more power the days leading up to the next (expected) event so my usage reflects that time. I generally have my hours set to 7-9 PM, solar stops around 730-745 (right now), so I do the heavy usage from 730-830 or so. I beef up my use a little for both hours so I hope I'm in the middle. I'm at the point right now of using extra power 2-3 times a week (rather than all 5 days) since the last 2 weeks (plus a day or two if the OH fell that week) . Good luck and hope this helps.

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