The March for Babies Walk

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Have you ever walked? If so, who did you walk for? What did you think about it?


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    Team Bitz Boys walked again for its 3rd straight year and raised over $3,500. And this year, the boys were big enough (3 years old) to walk part of the way. Below is our team picture as well as pictures of signs that lined the last part of the walk honoring families that shared their stories in order to inspire and encourage others to walk.

    30 People Strong!

    Aly Portillo

    Born 15 weeks premature and spent 87 days in the NICU. Weighed 1lb, 12.6 oz. - about the same weight as a guinea pig.

    Brooklyn Rantz

    Born at only 23 weeks, 5 days - so early that her were eyes still fused together. Typically, the earliest a baby can be born, survive and considered "viable" is 24 weeks. Earlier than that, hospitals will not resuscitate. I actually met and spoke with her parents at the walk. I think they said she was 9 years old and without any physical or mental developmental issues. Man, the wonders that modern medicine can do!

    Carter & Grayson Bitz

    [My boys] Born 8 weeks early at 3 lb, 13 oz - together they weighed about the same as a normal full-term baby. Now they're 3.5 years old and are healthy and active brothers without any developmental issues. You can't even tell they were premies now.

    Davin Fuentes

    Born 6 weeks premature. Doing well now.

    Gem & Jazzy

    Born 14 weeks premature. Now 3, love playing outside and going to Disneyland!

    Jaxon Rodriguez

    He and twin brother were born 13 weeks early. Jaxon's twin brother, Dominic did not survive. But Jaxon did and he's now a healthy 1 year old.

    Mya Eifler

    Born 15 weeks early and spent 4.5 days in the hospital. She's doing well now and loves

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    Vince! I love seeing your team's group photo from March for Babies. Those team shirts look great!

    I love being at March for Babies and seeing the kids that are growing up year after year, including your boys! Since I first met your family two years ago the boys have grown and changed so much and I am so glad to get to see it!

    For me, March for Babies is about community and I look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new families each year.

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