Smart Plugs Less Expensive Outside of OC Store

The Bitz BoysThe Bitz Boys Union CityModerator Posts: 1,017
I hope everyone is taking advantage of the limited time offer for 1 FREE (with upfront 50% discount and 50% rebate after you connect it to OC) Smart Plug OR Smart Thermostat.

But in the event they run out, your promo code expires, you can't wait the 3-6 weeks due to back-order or you used the free offer for a thermostat and you want SmartPlugs too, know that you can buy the mini TP-Links (and maybe even the other models) right now for less than they're sold in OC's online store (currently 2 for $79.98, plus tax and free S & H) and sooner at other online retailers:

Best Buy: 2 for $59.99 + tax (and free shipping),loc:2&gclid=CjsKDwjw6qnJBRDpoonDwLSeZhIkAIpTR8JiePPhjfj4LKztpJ8x01xe0xUIDfkYVqoii9W_zmI9GgLjKvD_BwE

Amazon: 2 for $59.99 + tax (and free 1-day shipping if you have Amazon Prime)

Also, available at several other retailers for same low price. Makes me think that OC needs to lower their price even more, so users will keep coming back to their online store for more even after the offer is over.


  • @That Son Of A Bitz thanks for posting these offers! These are great.

    The truth is that we want to support our customers connecting smart devices to their OhmConnect accounts, regardless of where they bought those devices. We're in the energy saving business, not the retail business, so the truth is that there will always be bigger retailers that are able to sell products at cheaper prices than we can. If you can find a better deal elsewhere on a device that you want to connect to OhmConnect, we encourage you to do that!

    That being said, we do have an advantage over these big retailers on a couple of factors. First is the fact that we can win grants like the one we have supporting the CEC promotion that can get you devices for free! The second is that by being a member of OhmConnect, you get paid to save energy, and you can convert your points into OhmConnect Store gift cards that allow you to get pretty awesome deals on the products we sell there.

    At the end of the day, as long as the devices are getting connected to OhmConnect and automatically saving energy during #OhmHours when the grid needs it most, we are happy! :)
  • Sandy MSandy M Member Posts: 1
    I just connected mine, 👍🏽 How can I get the money that I payed when i ordered it ???? Thank you
  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoMember, Moderator Posts: 1,625
    edited June 2018
    > @nicosandm said:
    > I just connected mine, 👍🏽 How can I get the money that I payed when i ordered it ???? Thank you

    How long ago did you connect it and link to OhmConnect?
  • CKWMCKWM Fremont, CAMember Posts: 243
    I connected my 1st plug about 3 OhmHours ago, but nothing has shown up for me. @UkiwiS, can you show us a screenshot of what it should look like when we're credited for snartplugs?
  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoMember, Moderator Posts: 1,625
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    It shows up in the CSV file as a "Rewards for Rebates"

  • @ckwm @nicosandm were you able to locate your rebate points?

  • CKWMCKWM Fremont, CAMember Posts: 243
    edited June 2018

    @anguye42 - Yes, I was. I missed it in my data sheet. Thanks for following-up.

    On another note: I heard that users could able to earn either tokens or points for having smartplugs connected. I haven't been able to see anything about that in my point earning summaries for each OhmHour nor in the Token History. Is there something to that?

  • @CKWM You can get your points back if you had the code for the discount and rebate. You don't get points for each OhmHour. You can get, I believe, 500 tokens for connecting your first smart device. It took me a while but I found the information of you from your token history.

  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoMember, Moderator Posts: 1,625
    edited June 2018

    @CKWM @anguye42

    You SHOULD get 10 tokens per connected automated device..... You will see here I got 120 tokens for last night's OhmHour (6/13). I have 10 or is it 11? TPLink devices connected and I have a WIFI Thermostat for the other 10

    If you are missing these tokens, you know who to contact, right? :)

  • CKWMCKWM Fremont, CAMember Posts: 243

    I gotcha @UkiwiS.

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