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HI guys, excited to do this, first time user here. I just signed up. The main page says "Status: Carbon" however when I go to the tune-up page it indicated that everything required for Silver status has been completed. I received an email telling me about my first "ohmhour", it's in about 12 hours or so, but I can't seem to find anything relating to "estimated forecast usage" or such. I mean, the achievements calls for "20% savings"...but 20% of what?

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    Hmm looks like that's likely the case. The odd thing is, here's MY tune-up page:

    They're all ticked, I guess it's just bugging out or something. Oh well, i'll just wait and see then, thanks. Am excited to try and measure against historical usage (since I just moved in, at least for a little bit, that would mean beating the previous dude who lived here...which would at least mean lower utility bills :smile: )

    Also another question, I just realized, the Ohmhour emails are in PST, which is really confusing since I live in the east coast, is there any way to change that?


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    @[email protected], that's a good question, and one I don't know the answer to. I didn't even realize that there were participating utilities out on the East Coast, but I know there's one in Texas and one in Toronto, so surely someone has thought of this before. I would have assumed that OhmConnect would use the time zone of the utility requesting the OhmHour. This might be something to ask support about, unless @That Son Of A Bitz or @UkiwiS know the answer.

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    Sorry I have no idea. I thought OC only supported CAISO and I'm Surprised there's utilities outside CA.
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    Here's where I saw something about OhmConnect in Texas, and nothing about the East Coast: https://www.ohmconnect.com/wiki/utilities-that-work-with-ohmconnect . What's strange to me is that @[email protected]'s status page shows he's connected to his utility. I'd recommend contacting support.

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    Yes, OC supports users that are customers of the 3 main utilities in California (PG&E, SDG&E & SCE), but only if the utility provides the electricity and transports it to the user. In some instances, the utility only transports the electricity, but another entity buys and supplies the electricity to the utility's customers. Confusing, right? Here's a post that explains it in more detail. They also work with Toronto Hydro in Canada.

    I think their goal is to go nation-wide (maybe even international since they're in Canada too). But I'm not aware of them rolling out their program to any utilities on the East Coast (or even outside of Canada or California for that matter).

    Regardless of what utility they work with, the user must have a SmartMeter or an interval meter that tracks energy use at least every hour; otherwise, they don't know how much energy was used during an OhmHour nor the average amount of energy that was used during that same hour in the past (a user's forecast) to determine if/how much was actually saved in order to determine how many points to award (or take away if more energy was used than forecasted.). Other meters only measure usage by day, which won't work for OC unless they start having OhmDays =)

    Also, keep in that they did roll out a non-monetary version of their program that only rewards users (who aren't customers of any of the utilities I mentioned above) with prizes. I think they're trying to "acquire" these type of users now, so they'll have a base of users who are already familiar with the program and they can more easily convert to monetized users once their utility signs on with OC. I'm sure they want to capture and engage these users early before another company tries to come in and get these users in order to compete against OC.

    @[email protected] Who's your utility provider and do you know if you have a Smart or Interval meter? If you don't have one of these and/or your utility doesn't work with OC's program, then you shouldn't be able to reach silver status because that level is only for users who can connect their utility account and OC can monetize and pay.

    @curtistongue Can you confirm whether or not OC is working with any utilities on the East Coast? If not, something doesn't seem right with @[email protected]'s account - he shouldn't be able to get his utility connected to OC then nor level up to Silver status.

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    So it kinda fixed itself after a while. PErhaps it was a time delay thing. Just forgot to post on here. thanks all of you for the help, it seems to be connected now.

    P.S: I'm in Toronto, Canada using 'Toronto Hydro'

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