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Anyone have trouble setting up Honeywell thermostat?

cannot get my username and password to work on ohmconnect. It works fine on the Honeywell website mytotalconnectcomfort.com which is where I originally set up thermostat.


  • WaterGuyWaterGuy Posts: 414Member, Moderator

    @[email protected], I just recently set up my Honeywell thermostat and didn't have any issues. Are you sure you're using the correct password? The Honeywell app I use to control my thermostat remembers my password, and I actually had to change it to make sure I was using the correct one on OhmConnect. Good luck!

  • chetvaycchetvayc Posts: 2Member
    Thanks. Yes, I double checked my password by signing into my Honeywell account/app. I'll try again
  • cdiaz040cdiaz040 Posts: 1Member
    You guys figure this out cause I can’t get my Honeywell to connect
  • jimnyojimnyo Posts: 4Member

    i'm also having the same problem..."can't find deviceid"

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