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TP link smart plug use with freezers

I noticed that my LG refrigerator/freezer was having problems when I set my smart plug to power it off three times a day for two hours at a time. Two hours was just long enough for the ice to melt slightly, and when the plug powered itself back on, the water would freeze the auger-like screw that pushed the ice out and down the chute.

I've set the plug now to power off five times a day for one hour at a time. This seems to work better and I am still meeting my ohm hours.


  • AKPsi BAAC ChapterAKPsi BAAC Chapter Union CityPosts: 1,004Moderator

    @[email protected] Thanks for sharing how you've experimented with Smartplugs on your refrigerator. People definitely need to keep in mind that if they set their plugs to turn off their refrigerator for too long, it will cause the ice in their freezer to melt and jam up the ice dispenser. I'm sure that's not good.

    Anyone else experiment with using their Smartplugs to turn off their refrigerator/freezer for different periods of times and intervals throughout the day?

  • Chris LapazChris Lapaz Posts: 37Member

    I have not experimented with turning my fridge off throughout the day with a smartplug but today will be the first OH since I added a smartplug to my fridge and I'm really interested to see the results. I've also added a smartplug to my UPS battery back up where I have my modem, router and smarthub connected to so that should also help reduce my usage during the OH.

  • SD ChipSD Chip Posts: 133Member

    For those of you who have TP Link smart plugs....check the Kasa App for firmware updates!

  • Chris LapazChris Lapaz Posts: 37Member

    Thanks for the heads up on the update @SD Chip, just updated.

  • KerynAnnKerynAnn Posts: 1Member
    I used to the smart plug for the first time yesterday pm for the 1 hour during OHM.
    This morning I have a fault code. Apparently the moisture from the ice melting in that hour ruined the Ice fan. I am furious!!!
  • @KerynAnn are you saying that the device did not turn back on after the OhmHour was over?

  • No Pain No GainNo Pain No Gain 93035Posts: 407Member

    @KerynAnn Wow, I'm sorry that happened to you. Is your freezer still under warranty? That should not have happened to a freezer that is turned off for just one hour. They should be designed to continue working after power outages that happen in storms or when a car hits a power pole. Call the manufacturer or the store you bought it from and ask why this happened with a one-hour power outage. Hopefully they will compensate you in some way. Good luck!

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