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Account closed? Action Required

I received an email from ohm that said:

"We've been informed by your utility that the service account linked to your OhmConnect profile has been closed. This is usually caused by a move. In order to keep participating with OhmConnect, you'll need to connect your new service account to your OhmConnect profile. You can do this from your settings page. Please be aware that connecting your new home will restart you on our enrollment process, meaning it can take another 7-20 days to complete the enrollment process once you've updated this information.
If you did not move, please contact [email protected] if you have further questions."

I contacted my utility company and they said all was fine and nothing had changed. I wrote the support team, but they were gone for the day. I'm sure they'll get back to me tomorrow, they're usually VERY fast. Did anyone else experience this??

My login stopped working and I had to resign up for ohm (with the same account) and have to wait for approval from my utility company again, which mean I'll be missing some ohm hours :(



  • WaterGuyWaterGuy Posts: 414Member, Moderator

    @sarahbear2706, what a bummer! I haven't heard of this happening before. Best of luck getting that resolved quickly!

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