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Ohm Hours Not Being Posted

rjcohen9rjcohen9 San Diego County, CaliforniaPosts: 14Member

Our household participated in Ohm Hours on June 9, 14, 16, and 18. Based on our past participation we know that our kwh usage met and exceeded savings. Ohm Connect team claims they have no knowledge and our account remains TBD. No credit for "days in a row" and no points credited to our account.


  • WaterGuyWaterGuy Posts: 414Member, Moderator

    Hi @[email protected]. What utility provides your power? If it's SCE, this is a known issue, though other utilities often have delays as well. OhmConnect can't calculate your streak bonus and award you points until they've received the usage data from the utility, so that data transfer is the missing link. You may have to wait this one out, and trust that OhmConnect will properly credit you the points and streak bonus when those data become available.

    By the way, please consider checking the existing threads before creating new ones with repeat questions. Not only will it help keep the forum uncluttered, it will help the OhmConnect folks keep track of ongoing issues and make sure you get the information you need. In many cases, you won't even have to write a new post, because your question will have already been answered. Here's a recent post from the CEO, Matt, explaining about the data delays with SCE:


    And here's just one example of a thread where others have reported the TBD issue:


  • rjcohen9rjcohen9 San Diego County, CaliforniaPosts: 14Member

    My provider is SDGE. Last for Ohms are TBD.

  • WaterGuyWaterGuy Posts: 414Member, Moderator

    @[email protected], have you tried downloading your Green Button Data to make sure they're there? If so, I think your options are either to wait or to reach out to SDG&E. In my experience, OhmConnect is usually pretty good about processing the data quickly after they receive it. If they haven't received the data, then there probably isn't much they can do about it. Best of luck!

  • rjcohen9rjcohen9 San Diego County, CaliforniaPosts: 14Member

    Thank you but I don't know how to download Green Button data, unless its the download history.

  • WaterGuyWaterGuy Posts: 414Member, Moderator
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    @[email protected], Green Button data is accessible through the SDG&E website--it gives you a detailed record of the data that they've received from your smart meter. It's independent of OhmConnect, which is helpful for isolating problems when what you see on OhmConnect doesn't match what you see on the SDG&E site. Here's the info:

  • rjcohen9rjcohen9 San Diego County, CaliforniaPosts: 14Member

    Very helpful.

  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoPosts: 1,616Member, Moderator

    Sometimes with SDG&E there will be a "hole" in the data where a few data points are missing. Sometimes it's for a really small period of time and right in the middle of things. When this happens, I've seen delays of up to 2 weeks. If you logon to SDG&E account and go to the "My Energy Overview", check to see if "missing data for..." is displayed below the graph. The pic below shows I have data missing for yesterday which is normal but I've also seen instances where a 15-30 minute block in the middle of a day is missing.

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