Nest eco mode after ohm hour ends

Last weekend I had set my nest to "eco" mode before I went on a vacation. However, Ohmconnect set the thermostat to "Cool" mode after one of the ohmhour ended(during my vacation). I thought Ohmconnect would set it to its previous state which was "eco/away" mode in this case. This caused my a/c to run for more than 30 hours while were weren't home. Is there a workaround for this issue?


  • jasgenjasgen Member Posts: 15

    Oh, wow... glad you mentioned. I'll definitely cross-check our Nest when an Ohm Hour ends and we're away! Maybe one of us can come back here and reply -- test out during the next OhmHour --> if we set (manual) 'Away' mode, if it goes back to that after?

  • SunilSunil Member Posts: 5

    I think the best way to handle this is to set the thermostat to "Off" mode instead of eco/away mode that I normally set(via Simplisafe) while I'm away. Once you set to "Off", I don't think an external schedule change by OhmConnect has any effect on Nest. This is my theory that I still need to validate.

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