Very confused....

Is it just me or does this whole thing seem really disorganized? I recently signed up and connected my utility but it is really hard to find out how this works and what I'm supposed to do. There is no tutorial or "how this works" page that I can find. I keep seeing references to an App but can't find it and can't find any information about it. Only after I got an email saying that I was penalized did I realize that that could happen. What are teams? Why am I already assigned to a team? What is the App called so that I can search for it? Why isn't there a place that shows how many tokens you can earn? (I can't make a point of doing it if I don't know that I will earn for it.) Is there ANYWHERE else to get information other than searching this forum or the internet? TIA for any answers.


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    Lots of stuff here and difficult to know where to start.

    The App is no longer available so forget about it for now. I don't know why it was pulled and I don't know whether it's ever coming back.

    Not too sure about teams. I'm in one too but don't pay much attention to it so I'd ignore it for now.

    We need something for new users and I think this is something that is probably being worked on. Basically you'll get alerts (these are called #OhmHours) at times when the grid is under pressure and you'll be asked to reduce your use, You are rewarded by how much you reduce based on your "forecast". The reward per kWh fluctuates and depends on your location, time of day, and the stress the grid is under a the time. Your "forecast" is based on the previous 10 weekdays (if the #OhmHour is on a weekday) or 4 weekend days (if on a weekend). The forecast can change and will often be updated to include the numbers from today. It's generated from your previous history and needs to account for your current usage.

    When you logon you are presented with your dashboard. Your settings can be changed here:

    I recommend you set your #OhmHour settings to evenings and for a while just do NOTHING to reduce your use. This is what mine are set to:

    Keep using electricity and doing what you normally the AC, washer, dryer, dishwasher etc etc. When you get an #OhmHour pay attention and turn what you can off. You'll save and you'll earn and you'll start building a history. Over time you'll get a feeling for the program and get an idea on how it works and you can start making tweaks here and there to improve your performance It is worth the effort but is a steep learning curve. I'm getting 1 or 2 #OhmHours a week and my preferences are set for after 6pm only.

    You get tokens mainly by reporting how you'll save and by having connected devices which can be triggered remotely to turn off and save electricity. The "Token Marketplace" is accessible from the button on your dashboard. (See the first screenshot above). Connected devices are added via the "Connect" button at the top of your dashboard:

    There's lots of information on the forum and a lot of it is out of date. There are a few of us that are not employees that pitch in and help when we can. It's a struggle but I encourage you to learn what you can as it is worth it and it is fun.

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    @[email protected], thanks for your comment--you did a great job highlighting one of the biggest issues with OhmConnect from the new user's perspective, and you've definitely been heard, at least by the forum moderators. The information @UkiwiS provided should be great to get you going--like most things, you can get started with the basics but there's more to learn later if you're interested. To be honest, I think searching for topics in the forum is probably the most efficient way to find up-to-date information at the moment. I'm hopeful the site will become more user-friendly in the future.

    By the way, I'm also part of a team but don't engage with it much, but my understanding is that:

    1) Team members can pool their earnings and donate them to an entity of their choice. So, perhaps the PTA of a school could create a team and all of their earnings would go to the school's music program;
    2) Teams used to be able to earn badges, which according to OhmConnect could be redeemed for rewards--it doesn't sound like that's still a thing;
    3) Teams encourage participation, at least in theory.

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    @UkiwiS and @WaterGuy Thank you so much!! This is very helpful!

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    @WaterGuy said:

    2) Teams can earn badges, which according to OhmConnect can be redeemed for rewards;

    I don't know that the team thing works anymore...just sayin'. Badges have been gone a while. The team I belong to says I'm the points leader, but if you look at the team results by occurrence it looks like I don't participate despite being leaps and bounds ahead of everyone. I'd focus the OC bandwidth on making sure that more smart devices were compatible with OC (TP-Link smart bulbs for example). I'm all about the points and electricity reductions.

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    I can speak to teams: I formed one for the March of Dimes and thru energy savings, referral incentives and bonuses, we've managed to earn over $2,400 that we recently donated to the organization. Check out the recent blog post that was written about the team:

    There's another type of team called the "earning" teams where you keep your individual points and they're only pooled together on paper to show how many points your team has earned and energy it has saved in comparison to other teams. So pretty much just for bragging rights.

    I think teams have the potential to have a huge impact because it lends itself to competition and the motivation to win, social pressure from team members encouraging each other to save more energy and a sense of something bigger than thyself. members can't talk to each other to do all of that. On the team page, it shows a button that should allow you to message other teammates, but the feature hasn't been built out yet and I don't know that it ever will. Really, the only way for team members to communicate with each other (particularly those who don't know each other personally) is thru the forums. But you have to form a group on the forums and only people who have signed up for the forums can join the group. But without the ability to communicate to people on OC's main site, you can't even suggest that others join the forums and/or join your team.

    Bottomline: As @UkiwiS stated, ignore them for now, and just learn as much about the program and participate in as many OhmHours as you can. Then once you get the hang of it, we can talk more about teams.

    Save on!
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    There are quite a few opportunities for the OhmConnect Management to reach out to High School, Junior College and University students who are into computer programing to make class projects or individual study projects to update and implement the various "lacking" features on this website for FREE (or other small incentive). I encourage OhmConnect Management to bring these young adults into the fold to improve what's been started here. Best wishes and thanks for listening.

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    @Alex F, cool idea!

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    I 2nd that! Many students will "work for free" or even just some cool OC swag if they'll get valuable experience in exchange, which they will with OC.

    @Matt D what do you think about @Alex F's idea?

    I think it's brilliant!
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    I second all the complaints. I really wish there was a video I could watch to explain all the features of this thing. I am super confused about how this whole thing works.
    I also wish you could set yourself to a beginner setting where you get a lot of feedback, a lot of saving opportunities and low point compesation and no penalties until you get the hang of it. Then you could switch to a higher point level with penalties for mistakes when you are ready.
    It feels like someone created this as a college project and isn't really making it work for users in the real world.
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