$40 Referral bonus for SCE users August 9 - Sept 30th



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    @Max levy jr, I think Kate's post above is probably the answer -- scroll up 'til you come to a post from her.

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    @Aubreemm , the utilities will not pay twice for your reduced use. So if you participate in a program other than OC you are not eligible to receive points here. I read one person that gets great rebates from SCE during 4 summer months. My suggestion was to use that program for the summer, then switch to OC for the other 8 months.

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    Your personal link for OC referrals should show up on the MAP page - not available from the mobile site (at least not for me).

    --- Well I was going to post a screenshot, but now only the URL option is available, not upload file.--- Check your map page.

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    @Jolene Castillo This would be best solved by a private message! Feel free to contact me through our private support channel.

  • @Max levy jr We will be updating the Referral page. It is $40 for SCE users!

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    Okay. So let me get this right. I'm with SDG&E. I refer a SCE customer that signs up. We BOTH get $40? And other referrals get me $20?
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    @Robbins.julie, the blog says:
    "To be specific, any SCE user who signs up and enrolls between August 10th and September 30th will earn a $40 sign up bonus, plus the referrer will earn a $40 referral bonus, regardless of whether the referrer is an SCE customer."

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    Good morning, My friend signed up on Aug 10th, it's showing Pending utility approval. (Which I understand) my question after reading some of the posts is... should our referral points amount still show up pending? Because neither of us has any points pending showing at this time, (only ohm hour points) and I know she's even received notices to participate in ohm hours.
    Thank you in advance for any help.
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    @TCB73, if I understand your question, I believe it was answered by Kate previously:
    "You will only be granted 2000 points as a new user or referrer once the new user has connected his/her utility, signed the CISR document, and we have it approved by either PGE, SDGE or SCE. You will still receive your points, but this process allows us to ensure that the new users coming aboard are VALID and can be used as part of the Demand Response system. Thank you!"
    Originally posted May 18th, 9:52 AM

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    @John K Sorry, I think how i worded the previous message was confusing. I meant neither of us had even the 2000 referral points pending. We both only have points that we earned for ohm hour participation. Seeing others post that they had their's pending is what caught my attention. I assumed it was just still in pending state, but now do recall past referral bonuses amounts showing Pending until authorized.
    * Correction, she now has her 2000 pending, but I don't.
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    How long does it take for referrals to clear? I've been waiting a week for my referrals bonus
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    @Edwin Orantes , a looonnngggg time; Many weeks? Hopefully no one is relying on OC points to pay their bills.
    @TCB73 , it seems that I get different results from day to day, or device to device. Before I started this I would swear that at least one place showed 2000 points pending even though the SCE referrals will be changed to 4000 pts after they are completed. Here are screenshots from today:

    Team page

    Nevermind, today I only have the option to include a URL, not upload a file. It would show that one says "null points" and the other says "pending utility approval." I may try again later. I don't seem to have that problem with Chrome, but my work has IE.

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    For how long will i see "Sending to Utility" status. It's been 6 days.

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    @Steliano1986 Please understand that @Kate from OhmConnect is the only one on their staff whose primary role is to manage and facilitate this forum. If you have a specific question for Kate that only applies to your account, please reach out to her through their chat feature. It's a little blue bubble with a question mark inside. And it's located in the lower right hand corner of the screen on all other pages of their site outside of this forum. Otherwise, if you have a general question that isn't necessarily specific to your account, I encourage you to post it in a discussion that you think is most appropriate or to look for the answer by searching this forum. More than likely it's been asked and answered before.
    I have problem for few weeks already with ohmconnect. I always do turn off everything during the ohmconnect hour but show nothing. My friend just signed up with my referral code, how long does she can expect show the bonus in her account?
    Hi Kate, my friend already signed up and saw the sign up bonus, but i haven't get my referral bonus yet. How long it takes?
  • H @DEBORA MATLOCK, referral bonuses are only issued once users are verified by their respective utility companies. This can take several weeks.

  • @Roy Masangkay That's a good question. I think it can be tricky. This is a great topic that I think is worthy of it's own thread!

  • @Dani I'm sorry about that issue. Would you mind removing your comment and starting a new thread to something more relevant?

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    Wow thats great news !!

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    How long does it take for utility company to verify? I have a referral from 8/9 and it hasn't been approved yet?
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    It takes awhile now. Some referrals I see go through before others even though they signed up after. Its weird. I have a referral that signed up 8/1 and still is pending. They have completed and signed all forms. Then I had a referral sign up a week and a half ago and it went through already. I don't understand the system at all.
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    Hello I was referred by a friend and was just finally approved, but we both only received $20 for the bonus....?
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    @Missmarie, are you an SCE customer? If so, you should notify the Support team via the email link just above the discussion title.

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    $40 sign up alright!
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    I am confused when they sign up they get $40 and Do I get $40 since they signed up under my name?

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    @Shedawnte Brown , yes the incentive pays BOTH the new client and the referring member $40 each (for SCE customers).

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    Yes, that is correct. The key here is that the increased referral incentive is based on the new referral being a SCE Customer, not the person making the referral.

    Here are 4 scenarios that should help clear things up:
    1)SCE Customer referred by SCE Customer: Both get $40 each
    2)SCE Customer referred by Non-SCE Customer (PG&E or SDG&E): Both get $40 each
    3)Non-SCE Customer referred by SCE Customer: Both get $20 each
    4)Non-SCE Customer referred by non-SCE Customer: Both get $20 each

    And if you're part of a team that is pooling their earnings to donate towards a non-profit like mine (The March of Dimes Team) does, here's what's really cool about this incentive for SCE referrals - for every new SCE referral that joins OhmConnect and your team, $80 will be donated to your team's charity and if the new referral also connects a SmartThermostat to OhmConnect, you each get $10. So potential, if a new SCE referral joins OhmConnect and your team and connects a Smart Thermostat, your charity will get $100! Isn't that awesome?!?!?
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    ... As long as you don't have any outstanding "credit" from purchasing something in the store. In that case 80% of your points go to the store, and the balance is as described by @That Son Of A Bitz... I think.
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