$40 Referral bonus for SCE users August 9 - Sept 30th



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    I will be sending this to all of my socal friends!

  • Please do, @Catarina! Get those referrals in before 9/30!

  • Kirk NasonKirk Nason Member Posts: 16
    My referral link only show $20. Shouldn't it be $40 for SCE customers?
  • Hi Kirk, are you with SCE?

  • Kirk NasonKirk Nason Member Posts: 16
    Yes Kate, that was in my post
  • The Bitz BoysThe Bitz Boys Union CityModerator Posts: 1,017
    @Kirk Nason if I recall correctly, I believe the referral link just wasn't updated with the $40 amount and Kate was going to work on getting some verbiage in there about it. Since you can't really ensure that the $40 link only goes to SCE customers, it has to stay generic with the $20 incentive that's available to everyone. But IMOP it could/should include a special note that calls out the increased incentive if the person who receives the link is an SCE customer.
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    edited September 2016

    This actually has been updated and you should have $40 if you signed up on or after 8/9. If you message me using the support link at the time, I'll be happy to look into this.

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    @Kate from OhmConnect Hello Kate,

    4 of my referrals registered well before 9/30. But when I get the referral bonus I got only 20$ each though we are all from SCE. I believe it should be 40$ for each referral. please let me know if I am wrong.

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    I realize this is closed but when I asked about my $40 I was told it was only $20.
  • @[email protected].com - if you only received $20, please check when your referrals were approved. If these users were approved after 10/31, we were not able to honor the $40 incentive. Please message me through the app if you'd like me to look up your account in more details.

    @[email protected].com - I'd have to look at your account in more detail. Please feel free to message me through the app or the email address on the right and I can look up your account in more detail.

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    > @Joe S said:
    > @curtistongue So then back to my original question then...is SCE paying the referral bonus? Or are they promising to pay significantly more for reductions which you expect to cover the referrals? Associated to this, is there any chance that OhmConnect will increase transparency on reductions by reporting event results like "July 22 Event - Total Reductions were xxxxKwh resulting in payments of $YYYY by SCE, 80% of which were paid to reducers using "some formula"? I don't see any reason why this cannot or should not be done....as of now it's a mystery box with wildly differing results and no member of this community has any idea what to expect.

    Why are you arguing this point? I personally do not care to have to read a bunch of technical crap. That stuff can be provided elsewhere. Let's end this pointless argument and relax knowing we are all doing our part. Thank you
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    Second that!
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