Ohmconnect still not turning off ecobee correctly.

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I just got the results from the two hour megaohmhour this week (6/13/18), 7pm-9pm pacific) - and was surprised to see that I blew my forecast by 4kWH. The wife and I deliberately held off cooking until 9pm to make sure we didn't fire up the oven, and should have easily been under my forecast. Checked my AC logs, and sure enough the AC kept running right through the ohm hours, and was never turned off by ohmconnect.

I've had problems previously with the AC not turning off, but ohmconnect detected it and sent a text/fix in the results. The bug was supposedly resolved, but clearly this time, it not only failed to turn off, but wasn't even detected. I just lost a ton of points and a long streak bonus. I also cashed in tokens to use an opt out thinking at first that I just screwed up, before I realised the ac hadn't turned off correctly.

Kind bummed. Is this still a bug to be fixed? Anything ohmconnect will do for this time? If this is how it's going to be, then I'll be giving up if I can't rely on the AC being shut off in summer automatically.


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    I feel like the forum is a way to inform or ask the community for feedback or relate to others. While your post is informative and will help others who read it once it's answered, it sounds like this should be directed at OhmConnect Support. So, I hope you also wrote that into a support chat window to get visibility from the support staff who more closely monitor that channel.

    If for some reason, you don't get an answer from support staff here nor the support chat window, and the bug you mention gets resolved - just make sure to post the resolution here too.

    Here's something happened to me, so I'm just passing on what I learned. Ignore below if you get the point above.

    I posted a complaint on a thread about how the FB points for sharing wasn't actually awarding when I cashed out. I also posted into the support chat window. They responded on the support chat window that they were aware and working on it - nothing else. I did not get word that it was resolved, but a couple days later when I cashed out for a friend, I saw the bonus in my account. Today, I remembered to go back to my comment on the thread to post that it started working for me. Just as much as I would want accountability and transparency from a company, I feel it's only right that we provide the same level of accountability and transparency in their addressing of our issues that we made public.
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    Hi CKWM,

    A fair point; and FWIW, yes I did write to support also, and I'm happy to say that despite getting the immediate reply that they would be back on Monday, did receive a response today with a correction by the support team regarding my streak/points. No comment though on the cause/long term remedy if there is one , but I have also followed up and asked if there is anything I can do to avoid the bug int he future? Is it my version of ecobee? My supplier? Should I disconnect/reconnect it? and will post if there's anything pertinent to share. Mostly I'm trying to figure out if there is anything I need to do to fix my ecobee setup but so far nada. Hoping I'll hear back again Monday with some info on the issue or a longer term solution.

    However, as to where to post; I assumed since this forum was for troubleshooting, that I might hear from others who had Ecobee devices that did or did not turn off, and perhaps highlight a common theme. This has been a recurring bug that was publicly posted as being identified and a fix worked on. AFAIK it was resolved. My experience suggests it hasn't been , or there's a new issue that needs fixing. Since it only just happened, I guess I was hoping to raise awareness so others checked their own reports, but also a little bit of venting I admit. I was kinda bummed about it...

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    Gotcha. Definitely takes a community to help support/encourage each other too.

    Have you tried talking to the other folks who've posted about Ecobee?

    Here's a screenshot of some posts others have made about Ecobee.
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    @icogginssb, can you control the t-stat from the Connect page? If yes, then you probably can't do much more (it's up to OC).

    My Ecobee4 works perfectly when controlled by OC. However, the furnace (including the power it supplies to the t-stat via a transformer) continues to use a significant amount of power in standby). My solution is to put a TP-Link smartplug on the furnace power cord. The smartplug turns the power back on to the furnace precisely at the conclusion of the hour, and then the t-stat cycles back on and is turned back on by OC.

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