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Hi all,

The email and text I received about tonight's mega ohmhour says it's between 9-10PM, but when I visit the website and click on the latest Ohmhour, it instead said 7-8PM. Which one is correct? I thought at first that the 7-8PM was mistakenly written in PDT (I'm in CDT) but I checked my prev ohmhours and they all have no discrepancies between email/text/website.

I did contact support but haven't gotten a response yet and time is running out for me to plan. I would try for conserving electricity during both hours if I could. However my current situation makes that difficult especially with the very low mega goal.

Thanks for any help!

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    @Zephyr2015 it is written in context of different time zones which is really confusing and I apologise for that! please do your OhmHour according to your dashboard. thanks!


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    @anguye42 is this something you can confirm quickly?

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    Thanks for the super fast reply!! Just to confirm this is the time I should go with right?
  • @Zephyr2015 if you click on the OhmHour, there is a box that has these details:

    that is the hour you would need to abide by. we did let our engineers know of the time issue and we are sending user IDs who are effected by this their way - your ID is on that list.

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