Time-Zone Concern + Answer from OhmConnect

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I was texted and emailed notifications about a mega ohm hour between 9-10PM on Monday the 25th.

"πŸ”₯ MEGA #OhmHour TODAY
Monday, Jun 25, 9 - 10PM"

"Goal: Get 500 bonus points when you use 1.148 kWh or less" We came in at 0.713kWh.

09:00 pm 09:15 pm 0.181 Actual
09:15 pm 09:30 pm 0.171 Actual
09:30 pm 09:45 pm 0.19 Actual
09:45 pm 10:00 pm 0.171 Actual

I was notified this morning that we received no points for our 7-8PM ohm hour. 7-8PM? What happened to 9-10?...The 9-10 PM period when OhmConnect shut off my nests and smart plugs.

"Jun 25, 7:00-8:00PM
MEGA Goal:
1.148 kWh
4.713 kWh
4.713 kWh
Your reduction:

Wondering if this happened to anyone else and if OhmConnect is aware and fixing it.

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  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoMember, Moderator Posts: 1,625

    @Banannassassin You're in Texas?

    @anguye42 is this a timezone issue?

  • nkinert-gmail-comnkinert-gmail-com TXMember Posts: 4
    Thank you No Pain No Gain. I did receive an email this morning reflecting the correction. Thank you to those involved for addressing the issue promptly - impressive.

    Do you have any thoughts on OhmConnect adopting the OAuth open standard anytime soon? It's a concern of mine. Sorry to go off topic...
  • @UkiwiS yeah, apparently our system keeps on sending notifications in PST instead of the time zone of the user which super confusing for everyone even myself because the times don't even add up.

    I do advise that everyone who lives in Toronto or Texas to click on the OhmHour that is incoming to find the correct time until the issue is updated.

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    @nkinert-gmail-com - since you are the creator of this forum thread, see if you can change the title of this thread to "Time-Zone Concern + Answer from OhmConnect"

    That way other people can click on this if they come across the same issue & know what to do... for now.

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