How can I reach a zero kwh?

I've gotten about 4 MEGA's in the last few weeks. I always meet my goal because I throw the breaker. But oddly, it is not zero. I've even thrown the breaker before the hour starts and didn't turn it back on for a while after it was over, (We were out) and I still didn't hit zero. How is that?


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    Do you have the ability to read your meter? I recently discovered that I have additional breakers outside next to my meter. The outdoor breakers are the ones I switch off and I can confirm that the meter reads 0.00 kWh used.

    If you've already done that and your meter is still registering usage, I would recommend calling your utility company.

    If you find out the answer, post here to help others.
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    I disconnect the plugs indoors vs hitting the breaker (except the other day I forgot to plug in the fridge for 6 hours, fortunately everything was still cold). I leave the solar breakers on--I would guess that during that ohm hour the possibility I am making solar (before 8 PM) requires that breaker be left on. So far this has worked for me but if it is after 8 PM (in summer) and my goal is zero, I cut all plugs including small things like clocks but leave the solar on. I read somewhere that even just your appliance like washing machine not being used but plugged in is still using a small amount of electricity. The public library (in SF) lends out the ohm meter readers so you can estimate your usage but personally I could not figure out how to use it! I cut anything with a light --clock, microwave, etc--so if I had a modern washing machine instead of the 1970's version that could be programmed, it would use power when "off".

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    @pcornwell6164, what does your utility say your usage is? Is it very close to zero? If yes, contact the utility and ask whether the energy used to run the meter could possibly be included in the customer's bill. Ordinarily, it is so small that it wouldn't matter, but because of OC's insistance on absolute zero instead of a reasonable .1kWh, we keep running into this. In previous thread, I mentioned that reading on the internet (e.g. ) led me to believe some customers might have meters where the usage sensors are before the takeoff for power to run the meter, thus allowing for the meter energy to continue accruing even with the power totally shut off (because the meter never shuts off).

    If the reported usage is more than the minimal wattage of a meter, then, as suggested by @CKWM, you may have other breakers, or, if you're in an apartment, there might be power takeoffs for walkway lighting/pumps/alarms that the owner doesn't want you to control or a mis-wired apartment with you paying for your neighbor's closet light.

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    When we turn off our breaker box, we get a 0.00 kw, that's in our residential home.

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