I have both SMUD and PG&E Accounts. Can both be connected?

I'm new and trying to figure this out! I have SMUD for my electric, but PG&E for gas. When signing up/in with Ohmconnect, it said it couldn't find my credentials for PG&E to connect, but would let me login and connect with my SMUD account. Is there a way I can connect with my PG&E account so that I can actually earn money?


  • Hi there,
    If you have both, this means that SMUD provides your electricity. We can't connect to them, unfortunately, because they don't have smart meters! Since PGE only provides your gas, you cannot connect it.

  • Wes LambertWes Lambert Member Posts: 1

    Thank you for this answer. I live in Roseville. We have City of Roseville for power, and PG&E for Gas. I do have a Nest E Thermostat, but it appears that I cannot take advantage of a reduction in power via OhmConnect because of that difference.

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