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Streak off by one due to OhmHour dates not chronological.

My 3/30/18 OhmHour posted before my 3/27/18 OhmHour and so they have the same streak number of 19. All of my other OhmHours after this is off by one. So, every OhmHour past this, my streak bonus is less 5%. At the time, I asked OhmConnect to fix it and they didn’t. Now my streak is 39 (should be 40) and they tell me there’s nothing they can do about it. I’ve asked if they can pull out the OhmHours, put them back in chronologically, then run a full recalculation. They said they’ve tried everything except for what I’ve asked them to do. Has anyone else experienced this issue and got it resolved? Or are you in the same boat as me?


  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    I notice things are not chronologically either. For instance, I was tallying my buddy points and I keep my own spread sheet. I list my stuff chronologically but the buddy points on my buddy page would skip around. I eventually found them all (not chronologic) but I wondered about my streak as well, since new events when there is still a TBD seem to hold the former streak number. I can track it easier now that I unfortunately lost my streak of 58 or 57 depending on how it was read....I don't understand how the OC bookkeepers can't put stuff in on one line and even if they have to add stuff later, at least when you are looking at July 1 you don't have to look for it in three different lines. I asked them about this but no one responded.

  • Daniel PoonDaniel Poon Member Posts: 13

    I imagine there must be others that have lost a streak increment because the dates were not chronological. Seems that OhmConnect could run a computer script to check and adjust. Unless if they don't pay us, they get the extra?

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