MEGA #OhmHours are beyond my expectations.

Steve ESteve E Member, Moderator Posts: 329

I have to admit that I thought the MEGA #OhmHours were underwhelming after the first couple I had.

The last several MEGA #OhmHours I have had now have blown away what I expected I might receive points wise for participating. With the streak bonuses the payouts have been incredible. Just looking back through my dashboard I have received about 120% of my last electricity bill for payments from 7/13 -> 8/8 (9 #OhmHours total).

Who else has had their expectations blown away by the MEGA program?


  • DarrenTDarrenT Member Posts: 62

    I'm not sure if I would attribute the higher payouts recently to the MEGA program. Even normal OhmHours have had higher points per kWh from just a couple months ago. When I started getting MEGA OhmHours, it was early in the summer before things really started heating up (temperature wise), and MEGA's were actually returning the lowest points per kWh out of all OhmHours that I had seen thus far (around 80 points per kWh). While that extra $5, and in one case $10, for meeting your MEGA goal is nice, I think the underlying points per kWh increase is probably due to seasonality. And when you factor that increase into all the other goodies you get (streaks in particular), it can drastically boost what you get back.

    That said, I've been enjoying the frequency and size of the OhmHour payouts (MEGA or otherwise). My bill for July was $107, and my payouts strictly from OhmHours for that period was $286. This month my bill to date is $47 and so far I'm at $176 in OhmHour payouts. Obviously these numbers will come down quite a bit as we go into Fall when I don't have to run the AC as much, but it's nice to know my AC usage for the summer is essentially paid for if I'm willing to sweat it out for a couple hours a week.

  • Steve ESteve E Member, Moderator Posts: 329

    @DarrenT - What is your streak at?

  • DarrenTDarrenT Member Posts: 62

    @Steve E 74

    What's really made a difference is the fact that my forecast in the summer is consistently 2.5-3.5kWh, whereas earlier this year it was closer to 0.5-0.8kWh when I wasn't using the AC.

  • Wayne BartlettWayne Bartlett Member Posts: 6

    We are really impressed by Ohm. I was reluctant at first, but my wife thought it would be a good way to earn a little cash for an upcoming family trip. We started out slow, just turning lights off, but when I told the rest of the family, it became kind of a game. We picked up the free smart plugs Ohm offered, and use them for our refrigerators. Turning them off for an hour or two has really racked up the points. To date, we have a 14 hour streak and $174 since the beginning of June. This is a fantastic program.

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