Buddy Chat Points Drastically Limited

CKWMCKWM Fremont, CAMember Posts: 243

For those who earned lots of daily tokens chatting with our OhmConnect Buddy... this post is for you.

I recently saw that I wasn't earning as much as typically in my chat with my buddy, so I reached out to Support today to see if this was a glitch. Here is the prompt response I got within a couple hours:

Understandably, there's never a huge announcement for a reduction of benefits or services, but in the absence of any sort of formal announcement by OhmConnect, this is the best platform I have to let everyone in the community know.

Before you post your reactions and suggestions in the comments below, read this reminder:

I had to remind myself to remember that OhmConnect is a free service/program. The rules of this game is completely up to them... for better or for worse. If we paid a financial subscription to this, you can bet I'd be one of the first to cry out about this change. Some of you will note that we've invested (and could continue to invest) our time as valuable capital into this program - to which that is a good point. In the time you've already invested, hopefully you reaped the benefits of earning 5 points every message you sent... if not, that's on you. In terms of moving forward, you get to now re-evaluate the situation to determine if you want to continue investing time into OhmConnect. Your participation is the bargaining chip us users have with OhmConnect -this means you have the power to affect OhmConnect by choosing not to participate if you don't like this change.

I personally will continue using OhmConnect to continue building my streak and since I believe in the benefit that OhmConnect is doing for our environmental impact.


  • John KJohn K Lake Forest - Hikers and Bikers TeamMember Posts: 585

    You can thank those who abused the system by messaging 200 times per day with any single keyboard character and then bragged about it here on the forum.

    On the subject of notification, you are absolutely correct. There is no excuse for the continuing lack of communication. This has persisted since day one in spite of innumerable pleas by the members.

  • kchuang088kchuang088 Member Posts: 1

    I have no problem with them removing this feature since some users do abuse it and it's clearly not in the best interest of the company long term. But I strongly agree that the lack of communication when it comes to these changes needs to be addressed by OhmConnect. Even a simple forum message would suffice.

  • No Pain No GainNo Pain No Gain 93035Member Posts: 404

    I will also agree about the lack of communication on the part of OC. It makes them look sneaky, rather than making a statement about the abuse of chat simply to rack up more tokens. I think 5 tokens per day is pathetic and they might as well just stop chat tokens.
    That said, they've started giving tokens for other things to those who are really using this program and not just clicking around to get tokens. For that reason, I won't say what those new things are and hopefully keep the "token gatherers" from ruining those, too.

  • XdatineliaXdatinelia Member Posts: 47
    My buddy and me never got the chat thing off the ground, I assumed it was only once per day anyways cause that would make good business sense. I dont see the issue with only 1 message per day awarding tokens.
  • No Pain No GainNo Pain No Gain 93035Member Posts: 404

    @Xdatinelia Nobody's really had an issue since last summer. If you'd "gotten your chat thing off the ground", then you might've been able to relate to the comments. Tokens are great for buying a Baseline Boost card. The bigger issue here, imo, was about the people who abused the chat tokens and ruined it for the rest of us.

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