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Lost all my points, had to create new acct

mymidgetwormymidgetwor Member Posts: 20
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Help! I had to re-log in today for some reason and when I tried it said my credentials weren't right. I had to create a new acct but I had one previously and I had over 1700 rewards points. Now that I was forced to create a new acct. I have no rewards points and It's like I'm starting all over.
Can someone tell me what's going on? Can my other acct. be looked at and given back to me?
I earned my rewards points for participation and to lose them for nothing is very wrong. I've done nothing wrong.

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  • mymidgetwormymidgetwor Posts: 20
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    Thanks so very much to the powers that be that just restored my points, you know who you are :) I was silver acct. previously but I'm not gonna push it. I'll wait til' the meter info. kicks in again to participate in Ohm hrs. again. Once again, thanks for the very quick reinstatement.


  • mymidgetwormymidgetwor Member Posts: 20

    I can see all my messages from my previous acct. My acct was deleted by Anh. See the discussion here: https://forum.ohmconnect.com/discussion/1948/delete#latest
    I had started a topic in that category and then a lil later the topic i started was answered or irrelevant so I asked for it to be deleted. I just put delete in the subject line and in the discussion area. For whatever reason, Ahn took this to mean delete my acct. I don't know why Ahn thought this. No where does it say to remove me from Ohm connect. Because of this action by Ahn, I've lost all the rewards points I earned and had to create a new acct. I was silver status. Please re-instate the old acct and give me back my points.
    Ahn was wrong to do this to me. If she/he thought that's what I wanted it should have been asked in the discussion thread before my acct. was removed. How can you assume that's what I wanted by the mere words :Delete?

  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoMember, Moderator Posts: 1,625
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    I saw your initial post before it was edited. I cannot recall the exact wording but it implied that you no longer wanted to be a member and you wanted your account deleted. It never occurred to me that you wanted the topic deleted and apparently @Anh, OhmConnect took it the same way.

  • mymidgetwormymidgetwor Member Posts: 20

    That is untrue. It said in the original post that the only thing it said in the title and in description was the word delete. I only edited my wording cause some words had letters missing and I try to be accurate in my posts. In no way did I ever imply that wanted my acct. to be removed.

  • mymidgetwormymidgetwor Member Posts: 20

    UkiwiS, you're the same person who told me to contact the person who referred me to "get me up to speed" and when you didn't like my response you removed it, yet kept your own post on there. You don't seem to want to really help people and of course, you'd side with another mod. I don't doubt you'll remove this post too as you don't seem to enjoy anything that portrays you in a negative light.
    I did not ask for my acct to be deleted and as I stated, all I said was "delete: in the other thread. In no way did that imply for anyone to delete my acct. making me lose the points I earned from all the OHM hours I participated in. Is this how this program treats people? I have not done anything wrong. Please give me back the points I earned. This is so unfair. I didn't deserve this.

  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoMember, Moderator Posts: 1,625

    If I'd seen "delete" I would have simply deleted the post for you.

    What I stated was my recollection of the post as I remember it. Maybe I'm wrong, but let's not argue about it here. If it's going to be corrected someone at OC will have to do it for you.
  • mymidgetwormymidgetwor Member Posts: 20

    you are wrong in your recollection. so how do I get them to fix this problem?

  • mymidgetwormymidgetwor Member Posts: 20

    Is anyone going to tell me how to contact OC quickly and efficiently so this problem can be fixed?

  • mymidgetwormymidgetwor Member Posts: 20

    Thanks UkiwiS, I clicked on support a couple hrs. ago and posted my problem there. Still waiting for someone to even view it. Getting help on a problem I didn't cause shouldn't be so difficult. It was an error made by Ahn and if someone just fixes it and makes it right I can go back to doing my thing and participating in more Ohm Hours.

  • cwiedcwied San MateoMember Posts: 141

    @UkiwiS - I think you are probably remembering this thread: https://forum.ohmconnect.com/discussion/1944/how-do-i-stop-ohm-connect#latest

    I do remember both threads coming through about the same time.

  • @mymidgetworld I want to make this aware for you and every user here that we NEVER delete any users' account unless they wrote in requesting that we would do that for them because the delete button account is experiencing some issues for some users. I looked at all your message history with your name or email on it and you never wrote into us before until 3 days ago. We have no reason to delete your account.

  • mymidgetwormymidgetwor Member Posts: 20

    My acct was removed and I lost all the money I had earned due to this. I only found out a few days ago last week cause I tried to log in and was told there was an error in logging in. This was due to the deletion/removal of my acct. You even said in the thread that you had removed my acct.
    You even stated in that thread that you had removed my acct.
    "Anh, OhmConnect Posts: 205Member, Administrator, Moderator September 10
    @mymidgetworld you are deleted from our system. please be sure to revoke your authorization to OhmConnect through your utility company."
    Please re-instate my acct. and give me back the funds I earned.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
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    @mymidgetworld I see; that isn't for no reason, you wrote to us saying "delete." in the future, write to us about your issues on the HELP on your dashboard. Please refrain from writing on the forum because it is very difficult to track your issues and review your account properly.

  • mymidgetwormymidgetwor Member Posts: 20

    I am new to all this and didn't know about these rules. I barely created an acct. in PG&E and ohm connect about 1 month ago. I did not ask for my acct. to be deleted. In the other thread that has "delete" in the title and in the thread body was a thread I had started and when i had no longer needed that thread, I put delete in there for the thread to be deleted. That's not what happened. You deleted/Removed my acct. Please re-instate it as it should have never been removed. Grated it may have been an error, but I in no way asked for my acct. to be removed. I have done nothing wrong, and did not deserve to have acct. removed and the points I earned taken away as a result. All I want is for my acct. to be re-instated with with the points I earned back in it. I'm slowly learning what can an cannot be done here and in no way will I ever just put delete in a thread cause I now now that this will cause certain mods to delete/remove your Ohm Connect acct. without the mod questioning the mere comment. If i had wanted my acct. to be removed I have worded it as such. I've posted many times on the internet in other places and have put delete in a thread. Fortunately the powers that be in these other places knew exactly what i was asking to be removed and never removed my acct.

  • mymidgetwormymidgetwor Member Posts: 20

    I will also not go back and edit my posts to make changes when i type too fast and make spelling errors cause then mods can say I edited it and the post was different that what they saw, as was the case a few days ago.

  • mymidgetwormymidgetwor Member Posts: 20

    Ahn, so does this mean you're going to fix my acct? I promise you that I will ever just put the word "delete" in any thread w/o making it clear what needs to be deleted.

  • OurTKClassOurTKClass Member Posts: 7
    @mymidgetwor Anh will not be able to fix your account because she has left OC. So if your issue has not been resolved yet, I suggest you use the chat function to contact support and provide a link to this thread as reference.
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