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How do I opt out of a single night #OhmHour when I can't participate.

gmartinez-twgmartinez-tw Member Posts: 1
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How do I notify Ohm Connect for a single evening or whatever time of day, that I can't participate. I don't want to lose points because I just joined OhmConnect and only got credit for 1 of 5 nights (including tonight 10/8/18) so far.

Please tell me who I contact or send an email or call to opt out for a single session.

Thanks, Gavin Martinez
[email protected]
San Diego, CA participant in #OhmHour


  • John KJohn K Lake Forest - Hikers and Bikers TeamMember Posts: 585
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    @gmartinez-tw , if you receive notice of OhmHours via email, there is a grey button near the bottom of the email labeled Opt Out. See below:

    If you click on an upcoming event on the dashboard, you should also see an option to opt out. Do you realize, though, that opting out will end any streak you've built? Without a streak, it's hardly worth the effort unless you are a really big user of electricity. I'd recommend you set your availability time only for the time during which you can always reduce. This might also require at least one smart plug (maybe for fridge).

  • luckiest27luckiest27 Member Posts: 1
    I opted out of my ohm hour and still points and said I went over. What gives?
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