I don't want a "Prize." I want points.

Hi. We dutifully cut our breaker during the Mega OhmHour last week. But we didn't get any points, just a "Prize." I don't want a "Prize" or a chance to win something. Where are my points? Why bother to cut the breaker next time if there aren't points at stake?
How can we opt out of the drawing and get points, like we've done since the beginning?


  • irvinszetoirvinszeto Member Posts: 6

    So it does affect our streak ?! and only in a negative way? it doesn't increase the streak if we beat the prize hour. that is very lame.

  • No Pain No GainNo Pain No Gain 93035Member Posts: 404

    @irvinszeto Your streak is supposed to increase by 1 if you beat your forecast, but it doesn't really matter anymore since the streaks, as of Friday, won't count for anything past 20. 100% will be everyone's streak bonus.

  • bradshawbradshaw Member Posts: 1
    I don’t like that I cannot pick to get points or a prize. It is forced on me and I get no reward unless I win the prize. I would always opt out of the prize for the points which convert to dollars because the odds of winning are slim. Plus since my points would have a value isn’t it like OHM is creating a gambling/lottery situation? I want the points. I don’t want to have them forcibly gambled for me. Bird in hand is better than two in bush.
  • CallKathyCallKathy Member Posts: 8

    Glad I stumbled on this thread. I too didn't realize until now that we don't get points for prize hours. I liked this summer's situation (where we got both) much better. Not getting any points is frustrating. (Especially since I am one who never wins anything :) )

  • CKWMCKWM Fremont, CAMember Posts: 243
    It's purely mathematically that a large majority of us will not benefit from PrizeOhmHours, because it is a lottery.

    When I was reading the complaints of when PrizeOhmHours first started, we realized that a majority of us would have opted for points since chances of winning is so low. However, we also deduced that we are all needing to be forced into participating in PrizeOhmHours in order for our earnings to build up to fund the prizes.

    There are also some of us that believe that when OhmConnect provided us with the survey at the end of Summer that asked whether we wanted PrizeOhmHours in the future, our responses didn't really matter. It was just a way to make it appear like WE chose this through user response.

    And now we just live in this new reality.
  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    My last two OH, Dec 17 and Dec 27 were for points, the three or four before that were all for prize. so maybe all is not dark at the end of this tunnel....

  • I think it’s clear all would choose points (cash) over an entry into a lottery. I just finished reading everything on the site “help” link to try to figure out the direction this is going and why.
    They flat out said their initial plan was to give everyone a 5% increase for every successful OhmHour, but apparently there are so many of us highly-motivated, breaker-flippin, high-streak, low energy users that they simply can’t afford to regularly pay out at that rate.
    Personally, I was pleased to read that. So many companies lie and tell you everything but the truth. I’d rather they just plainly say - it’s costing the company way more than we had ever anticipated. They needed to find a way to keep people saving, but not bankrupt the company.
    I hate the prize hours as I know I’ll flip my breakers, my 3 teenagers will complain the whole time and I won’t win the prize. But, so far, the plan seems to be to continue to have regular OhmHours occasionally and prize ohm hours occasionally. I’m willing to stick it out for when those regular Ohm Hours come up and I can get the cash. As the fact remains it is a double savings - we save on our electric bill by flipping off for an hour and the Ohm points are a bonus.
    Anyway, for what it’s worth - I’m still in. Why not?

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