Longest streak?



  • Steve ESteve E Member, Moderator Posts: 329

    @Kimberly McDermott - I think that for reasons of sustainability they need to cap it at some point. In my opinion it is better to place a cap in advance rather than implementing one retroactively. And by that I mean not take away from people's already existing streaks. I am currently at a streak of 145 with a streak shield in place and I now use smart plugs for my power hungry devices. Realistically there is no way I should ever have my streak broken and there is no way that OhmConnect can continue to pay more and more people such large bonuses. Due mainly to the streak bonuses there have been months when I have more than paid for my electricity bill

  • I understand but last year they lowered or adjust the platinum (and gold) bunus and now if they cut the streak down again it just seems they won't be rewarding the ones the constantly participate. ..not everyone keeps there streak in tack..I guess we will see what they do
  • Sean McConnellSean McConnell Member Posts: 3

    and sadly, it's now capped at 100% :(

  • MRS.CANOMRS.CANO Member Posts: 6
    I am at 49. Went over and trying to fight to keep my streak I purchased a shield and didn't work!!! So hard specially with a newborn
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