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Can OhmConnect with Sonnen battery / powerwall?

I want to engage the stored in my new Sonnen battery / powerwall during each OhmHour.
How do I make the connection to OhmConnect? Is this supported?


  • The Little Ohmer TwinsThe Little Ohmer Twins Union CityPosts: 1,014Moderator
    No, unless you can create an applet recipe through IFTTT.com. It is not directly supported by OC. As far as I know, no battery storage device is - at least not yet.
  • cwiedcwied San MateoPosts: 131Member

    You have to have considerable DIY skills to integrate a Powerwall with OhmConnect, unfortunately. I've done it using IFTTT, but in order to do it I had to set up a web server and write some code that talks o the local Powerwall web interface.

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