Qualified for 5 prize Ohm Hours but only 3 show toward being entered for the grand prize

If the drawings are every other week but I get two "prize" Ohm Hours in that same period, is it essentially only counting as one entry?


  • You can only be entered in a Prize sweepstakes once for that sweepstakes's time-frame. Or, once every 2 weeks.

    So for example, The "50 x $250 Amazon Gift Cards" sweepstakes ran for 2 weeks, from Nov 11th to Nov 25th. If you were to win 2 or 3 Prize #OhmHours during that time, you'd still only be entered once for that 2 week sweepstakes, and once for the Grand Prize sweepstakes.
    Once that current prize's 2 week time-frame ends, you'[ll be able to qualify for the next prize, and get another start towards the Grand Prize.

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