Utility usage says I used more than my forecast when everything was off, how?

Hey guys,

So I joined Ohmconnect and have been trying really hard to gain a streak. I was up to a total of 17 streak and at platinum level before the Ohm Hour 2 days ago on 05/28 from 8pm to 9pm. All lights, my fridge, and my thermostat are all smart devices and shut off automatically before 8pm and turned on after 9pm (verified via history on those apps). I wasn't even home during that hour, and my security camera shows everything off. But even still, the data from Smart Meter Texas says I used 0.499 kWh during the hour (mainly at the end of the hour). This makes no sense, there was literally nothing running in my apartment. I'm so bummed because I've lost my long streak and I don't know why. On Smart Meter Texas, the values all say "actual" so it's not even an estimation thing.

Looking at the data, it looks like my "ambient" usage was around 0.2 kWh per hour until around 8:30pm where it jumped to about 0.7kWh per hour. What would cause a jump in "ambient" usage if everything is off and I'm not home?? I've been doing the same things for all my Ohm Hours and my usage has been approximately 0.15 kWh every single time. How could it jump to over triple that amount when I'm not home?


  • Brad MooreBrad Moore Member Posts: 11

    Yup, I have been seeing the same issue for 3 months and they do nothing to help. I have come to realize that Ohm Connect is just a scam. They do not deliver on their promises, and never fix anything that benefits their users.

  • CKWMCKWM Fremont, CAMember Posts: 243
    I feel like OhmConnect is the incentive tool that gets us to put on a microscope to our energy usage. Sometimes the microscope (OhmConnect) shows faulty info - this is not the case. Sometimes the utility company's data is the issue - this is not the case.

    But what if what we're seeing is accurate from both parties but we still don't understand where the energy is coming from?

    I don't think it makes sense to blame for the microscope for assuming we know how to control our energy usage.

    I think one should begin asking the utility company to account for it's data tracking. Here's what a past convo has said. See if you need to revive it with your experience:

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