What do the points value when cashing out, for instance 3,000 points would be worth how much?

Would like to know

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    > @gflores7783 said:
    > Would like to know

    A point is a penny. 3000 points = $30


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    first payout for me was for less than $10 or 1000 points (I did not know and cashed out 178 points or $1.78 just to see how it worked). The next ohm hour for me was under 1000 points but I had to wait until I had 1000 points ($10) to cash out. I try to cash out every time I get to 1000. However now with the thirty day wait between cash outs I cash out with whatever I have (if it is 1000 points or more). And I think you must cash out all or none so you can't divide it.

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