Where can I send my receipts to replace food from failed Freezer

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On June 11, 2019 after being on vacay from June 1-9. When we checked the freezer it was warm/off. It failed to turn on after OHM hours. It was connected to TP-link HS110. When we removed the freezer from the TP-link the freezer started to work again. But all the meats, butter, veggies, grains were thawed & spoiled. Even the bread/rolls got moldy! I was told I could be reimbursed & to send my receipts ...but I didn't get an answer as to where to send those receipts. Could you please help!!??


  • brightbqbrightbq Member Posts: 3

    I really would like an answer as soon as possible.

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    My suggestion would be to use whatever medium you used to get that initial response. If it was via chat, use that, via email, use that. If it was via an email make sure to CC @samklee
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    Sorry that you lost the contents of your freezer, but to minimize the risk to any critical load behind a tp-link (or any smart plug) such as a fridge/freezer, I strongly suggest you set a manual schedule to turn ON the tp-link during a non Ohmhour window. For example I set a manual schedule to turn ON my fridge everyday at midnight, and a second backup ON event at 4am. Manual schedules are stored on the tp-link smart plug, so they are not dependent on wifi, internet, or IFTTT, etc.

    Manual schedules have saved my fridge contents (and maybe my marriage) more than once ;-)

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