Will my mega hour count?

I had a mega the wed 17th, my results usually show up by now but since the weekly prize is tomorrow, will I not be entered? I will have beat my ohm hour I know, so arent we entered from megas during the week prior to weekly prize? Maybe through the day by the time prize is drawn I will have results and be entered. Just wondering.


  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    you are entered when your results post. So since the results have not posted yet, when they do, presumable in the next few days, you'd be eligible for that week's prize. Plus, they now make the broadcast on Friday but show it on Sunday so I guess it is really a Friday to Friday thing rather than a Sunday to Sunday thing since they can't tell you on Friday if someone who earned on Saturday won.

  • gflores7783gflores7783 Member Posts: 7

    Thanks. Yes, results came and entered me for the next prize.

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