Is the Spin and Win fixed?

I have spent 6000+ tokens on the Spin and Win and have won absolutely nothing. I feel like it’s a waste of time because the same thing comes up almost every time! I feel like my odds are better in Vegas on the roulette wheel lol. I think “Spin and Win” is not the correct name for this game (if it is one). Can you do something about this OHM Connect?


  • NlindsayNlindsay San Diego Member Posts: 108

    Fixed? Nah.
    Needs to be fixed.. yes.
    @sidewayzgtjb check out the Current Known Issues page spin to win not working
    Save your tokens for a "baseline boost" card

  • Elisha Bist-BraswellElisha Bist-Braswell StocktonCAMember Posts: 14
    Wow i wish i saw this before, I have waisted thousands of tokens. If it's not working why do they continue to let people waste their tokens?! And how long has it not been working?
  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    I started spinning when I first joined (2 years ago) and won nothing except some virtual stuff and a 15% coupon for something I'll never use. I stopped the spins and concentrated on shields etc. I used a baseline boost (10k) recently and my total for that event ($18) was about 4 x what I normally get (results from a few days ago was under $4). I'm a low user and solar so the $18 was a nice bonus. I'm back to only a few thousand tokens so will save until the next magic time...

  • evelyndegalleryevelyndegallery Member Posts: 9

    I have "spun" over 320 times. Used over 9600 tokens and have won NOTHING. Here is a little summary of some of the things I have "earned": 78 aviator sunnies, 7 old school, 58 No dirty Power & 128 Wind Turbine. This game is turning into BS. I am so frustrated with the many areas that this company is sucking at. Customer Service is nonexistent, and this game is a joke. Now they are having issues with PGE not updating info so we don't know what our points are for the last 4 events. It's getting REAL old. Quit asking for referrals until the business can get its crap together.

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