Who sets my goal?

Last saturday I was supposed to use less than .095!
I live in an apartment--used no fans, air conditioning, or devices--only the fridge was plugged in. I was out of town. HOW was I supposed to use less electricity??


  • daniel-sidelskydaniel-sidelsky Member Posts: 22

    It's automatically calculated based on your electricity usage during the last 10 similar periods. So if you get an OhmHour for 5pm-6pm on a Thursday, then your goal would be the average of the last 10 weekdays during the period of 5pm-6pm. If your average usage is low, then your forecast goal will be low as well.

  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    @captainlappin , if you were out of town and no one else was using power, you may have met your goal. So if your normal output during that time, in order for you to reach your goal, was an average of .095, if you were home and sat in the dark or unplugged your fridge, the stuff that is on in your absence might be around .095. When I'm home for some hours, it is low like that. My low might have been about .03 (not counting times when it is actually a negative number with solar production). And some people have the smart devices that do stuff automatically.

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