Every time i get close to a pay out OHM seems to find anyway they can to not pay out . i have been ready to cash out since 9/13/2019. it seems that all of a sudden, again, ohm seem to ignore my request for an update in order to cash out. i do not reccommend this program for any one. dont sign up and save yourself tons of fustration. this is a total scam


  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    I've been able to cash out without problems. I do it as soon as I reach the minimum of $10. Even with only being able to cash out every 30 days, it is working for me. I know there have been times when there are glitches. Lately I've been getting the Amazon card and it has worked for me. Before that I got the pay pal and that also worked. I think once there was a problem and I had to wait a few days (as did everyone else).

  • MandTWallingMandTWalling Martinez, CAMember Posts: 15

    I recently cashed out $88 from all the Mega Ohmhours we've been getting.

  • SJCESJCE San Jose,CAMember Posts: 11
    No issues here either. Your post is very much option and lacking facts. How many points do you have? What do you mean update? You can cash out once per month if you have over $10 (1000 points) accumulated. Please post more info before calling a program backed by the CPUC, PG&E, SCE, and more a scam. That’s a heavy statement without posting a single fact.
  • shaunanlibertyshaunanliberty Member Posts: 1
    How long does it take to get the money on PayPal when you cash out? I used to do Amazon gift cards...first time doing PayPal and it’s been 2 days
  • sophiajimenez510sophiajimenez510 Member Posts: 14
    I just cashed out 108 amazon yay but no ohm hours since:( It won’t give me credit for my sister-in-law signing up because she hasn’t participated but they have an offer any hours yet so wtf lol
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