Just did my first OhmHour, pretty disappointed with the payout because my forecasted usage is so low

Hey guys,

I love the idea of OhmConnect and I just participated in my first one. My issue is that since I live by myself in an efficient apartment, my forecasted usage is low. On this OhmHour from 7pm-8pm on a Monday my forecasted usage was less than 0.8kWh! Even still, I was able to use just 0.111kWh during the OhmHour, an 86% reduction! Well unfortunately, that 86% reduction only earned me $1.30, enough to buy a single taco woop.

What advice do y'all have? Should I be intentionally wasting electricity to boost my forecasted usage? That kinda seems against the whole idea. Thanks!


  • CraigWCraigW Member Posts: 49
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    Get an electric vehicle.

    Honestly. If it’s your first time and you got 130 points for a .7kwh reduction did incredibly well. A more typical payout would have been around 70-80 points before streak and status bonuses which are the key to beefing up the payout

    With streak capped at 100% and diamond level bonus at 2.5x (150% extra) you’ll make 3.5 times that after 20 streak or 455 points. Enough for two tacos and a soda but only on Taco Tuesday.
  • daniel-sidelskydaniel-sidelsky Member Posts: 22

    I live in an apartment building so unfortunately an electric vehicle isn't an option.

  • CrapJohnSavesCrapJohnSaves Member Posts: 2

    Don't let the lower payouts for your first OhmHours discourage you. I started in December 2017 and didn't break 100 points for almost 2 months! Before I began getting status level bonuses my average was 26 points per hour.

    You should see a status level kick in at around 10 hours, so the more you save in the beginning the better status you will get.

    I think joining during the winter is the best time to join, so you have a chance to build up your status and streak without missing some of those nice summer payouts.

  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    re:intentionally wasting electrictiy to boost numbers--some readers mention using higher electricity items during the time they think an OH would be (6-9 PM). Short of doing this each and every night, especially when you wouldn't normally do this, does, to me, seem wastfull. I run my electric heater in the evening during non OH days to be comfortable, if it boosts it, great, but I don't dwell on it. It has been so cold in SF these last few weeks so I can justify it. I wouldn't do the same in the summer and I don't have any other major electric items which would merit me doing this unless I decided to use the oven for a major food prep. Problem is, if you run it for a few days expecting the OH to happen and it doesn't, and two weeks go by, you are back in the same zone as if you had conserved all those days. Hope this helps.

  • shawn-kleinsmithshawn-kleinsmith Member Posts: 23
    Boosts are where earnings are at. So stick with it and earn the streak boost. Also plan your power use. If they normally occur at 6pm run your dish washer then not at 8pm. Then when the ohm hour occurs you can reduce that for the savings. Learning their timing is key. Same with other high energy users (hot tub, dryer, oven, etc.). I am not saying to waste energy, just adjust when you use them.
  • scott318scott318 Member Posts: 1

    I'm Diamond status and have around 90 ohm hours I've participated in but the lowering of the baseline makes me want to bail out. The last one with all the longevity perks was less than 100 points. I regularly use only .12 during each hour but I won't go lower as I don't want to have to reset computers and IOT.

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