Ecobee3 Room Sensors

I would like to add more Ecobee3 Room Sensors. Will these optional 2 pack kits be offered in the Store?
@Kate from OhmConnect


  • Hey @Kirk Nason - let me ask our Store Manager, @Brooks B if this is something we think we could get from our vendor!

  • Kirk NasonKirk Nason Member Posts: 16

    I did not see a response from @Brooks B, could I get an update? I think this would be great for all the Ecobee3 users.

  • Hi @Kirk Nason sorry for the slow reply! We do not currently have plans to offer these packs but we will certainly look into it.

  • Kirk NasonKirk Nason Member Posts: 16

    Hope I can convince you to add this to the store. They help to make the Ecobee3 more effective in understanding who is in the home by placing these in bedrooms and other locations.

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