$40 Referral bonus for SCE users August 9 - Sept 30th

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I'm excited to announce that we are rolling out an even higher sign up and referral bonus for SCE users. Effective August 9th through September 30th, for any SCE users that signs up, and for any user that refers an eligible SCE user, we're awarding $40. You heard that right--$40. Read more in our blog post about the Aliso Canyon crisis and the need for more users in the Southern California area.



  • jasmine winchjasmine winch Member Posts: 96
    This is great! :smile:
  • eddy1516eddy1516 Member Posts: 2

    I signed up yesterday and the bonus changes today :( Do I still get the new bonus?

  • @[email protected].com Good news! It did go into effect yesterday!

  • eddy1516eddy1516 Member Posts: 2

    I think I made the account before the increase. I still have 2005 points, does it take a little while to take into effect?

  • Joe SJoe S Member Posts: 55

    Kate, do these referral bonuses come out of OhmConnect "profits" or are they paid by SCE?

  • @Eddy1516 The promotion started at 10am on 8/9

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    @Joe S This is money paid by OhmConnect.

  • @Joe S SCE has a special bid out to cover the gap left by Aliso Canyon. As a result, we need more enrolled SCE users whose reductions are eligible to be used in demand response for this specific bid. We need more users, they need more load reduction-- we see win win!

  • John KJohn K Lake Forest - Hikers and Bikers TeamMember Posts: 585

    @Joe S, if the payments come from OhmConnect's share of the sales (20%), shouldn't it be their prerogative where to spend it? If these funds do not affect OhmHour awards, how does that make current participants losers? If this allows OC to make more sales and declare more events wouldn't we all benefit? If somebody is getting 26 cents, their lifestyle surely wasn't changed very much, and they are probably not a good target for this program. I'm not saying they didn't do all they could -- only that they are probably already so stingy with their usage, that they can't reduce much.

  • Joe SJoe S Member Posts: 55

    The point I am making is that although it is their right to run the program in any manner within the regulations, it is NOT providing much incentive to the masses, who, I think, would be who you would really want to harness en masse. Maybe you're right...maybe this program that used to value my reductions just is no longer the program for me.

  • Marco TolmanMarco Tolman Member Posts: 2
    Hi Kate! I spread the word on Facebook with the link you send me. However when you click the link it still mentions 20$ instead of the 40$. Can you change that so my friends don't think I'm making it up :) thanks! Janneke
  • Hi @Joe S just to clarify-- the incentive does not affect rewards. It's not a trade-off between paying new users and pay per event.

  • @Marco Tolman looking into this now. I'm not sure if we're able to change this since it's only $40 for SCE users.

  • Joe SJoe S Member Posts: 55

    @Kate from OhmConnect - Well, the money is coming out of somewhere...if you did not have to pay $80 for a new user, who would have that $80? It's just a poke in the eye for people who cannot possible earn $40 in a year given the current award environment. Kind of like working at your company for years and then they start hiring new people who don't know the job for 3 times your salary.

  • Mary WatersMary Waters Member Posts: 1

    I am with SCE, and just signed up today. I still only received $20 instead of $40. Is there something I can do to fix this? Thank you!

  • @Joe S I'm sorry this feels unproductive to you. Perhaps we could take this discussion offline if you want to talk about our business practices in more detail.

  • @Mary Waters Please note that you may see 2000 points in gray. Once your enrolled is approved by SCE, this will show as 4000 points ($40) in blue.

  • Christopher S1Christopher S1 Administrator Posts: 46

    @Joe S happy to jump in here. SCE is scrambling to get as many users participating in demand response programs as possible this summer due to Aliso Canyon's closure. The threat of rolling blackouts / brownouts is real without the natural gas that facility stored, so the CPUC subsequently authorized incremental budget to increase DR participation in their territory. The referral bonuses reflect what they need: more users with flexible load.

  • Joe SJoe S Member Posts: 55
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    @curtistongue So then back to my original question then...is SCE paying the referral bonus? Or are they promising to pay significantly more for reductions which you expect to cover the referrals? Associated to this, is there any chance that OhmConnect will increase transparency on reductions by reporting event results like "July 22 Event - Total Reductions were xxxxKwh resulting in payments of $YYYY by SCE, 80% of which were paid to reducers using "some formula"? I don't see any reason why this cannot or should not be done....as of now it's a mystery box with wildly differing results and no member of this community has any idea what to expect.

  • jhagan90jhagan90 Member Posts: 3

    I signed up on the 10th of August but my account only shows $20 and also my friends who have tried to sign up with their sce also say they only see $20 and not $40. Is there a way to correct that?

  • jhagan90jhagan90 Member Posts: 3

    No I didn't see it but thank you that answers my question :)@John K

  • Jolene CastilloJolene Castillo Member Posts: 1
    I had a referral sign up using my link that I emailed them. They are an SCE customer. They have already received their $40 bonus, however I received nothing :(
  • Karen MichelleKaren Michelle Member Posts: 1
    My friend lives in Woodland Hills a suburb of LA and says that she's not able to signup. Are some of the areas not accessible for Ohmyet? Thank you!
  • AubreemmAubreemm Lake Elsinore, CA. 92630Member Posts: 22

    You know, I've noticed that my bill is higher and my Ohm points aren't adding up since I unsubscribed from some SCE program that you guys said I had to. Unless someone can explain it to me the way that sce did on the phone I am seriously considering dropping out of THIS program. I've asked someone here to explain it to me but no-one has yet...

  • jilms627jilms627 Member Posts: 4
    Is there a certain link I have to use to refer friends, or is there a spot in the sign up pages for referrals? If it's the latter, what information do they need? Does the referral need my account information or username or just my given name?
  • Max levy jrMax levy jr Member Posts: 1

    my friend clicked on my link and it said $20. Did it change back to $20?

  • John KJohn K Lake Forest - Hikers and Bikers TeamMember Posts: 585

    @[email protected].com, if you go to the Categories listing and choose Referrals, one of the posts explain how to find your link.

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