Why are ohm hours so often during the dinner hour when families have to cook?

I'm somewhat frustrated with the scheduling of so many ohm hours during dinnertime, when families have to cook. I guess my energy star electric stove must be a relative electricity hog even though it's supposed to be very energy efficient. Suggestions like go out to eat instead are just not feasible for people on a budget and/or with children who have homework to get done.

It also appears that families with only electric heat are penalized since gas consumption is not measured. Ah well.


  • Hi @[email protected] - Great question. It's likely the reason so many #OhmHour are at this "inconvenient" time is that the grid is strained from so many people like you using energy at this time. We don't choose when the grid is strained--it just happens!

    What about making your dinner ahead of time, or just after the #OhmHour?

    I wonder if others can give suggestions for what they do when heading out of the home isn't possible during an #OhmHour? @That Son Of A Bitz - I know you've got some little ones. Any suggestions?

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    Generally, there are a lot of things I do (especially since the sun is out late) like play baseball in the backyard (and inside sometimes - hey, they're only 3, ball is soft, and they can't really hit it yet lol) and other outdoor activities in the backyard and front yard. And believe it or not, I've even got them into gardening - planting bulbs and pulling weeds.

    But specifically, regarding cooking (or not in this case) - use it as an opportunity to eat really healthy - make a salad, sandwiches, eat raw veggies like carrots with ranch dressing or hummus and fruit.

    Or you can do a dinner-snack combo, especially if you have little ones or anyone in the family that's prone to getting hangry. If it's right in the middle of when you typically eat dinner, you can postpone dinner until after OH and have a snack before it to hold you over. And vice versa.
  • Thanks for your answer @That Son Of A Bitz -- I like those ideas. @[email protected] - does this sound like something that could work for you?

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