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What does "Automatically Save Energy" mean?

I'm considering your offer for a free WiFi thermostat, but I have a question before I proceed. The announcement says, after purchasing and installing the thermostat, to link it to your OhmConnect account so I "can automatically save energy during #OhmHours". What exactly are the interactions between the OhmConnect site and my thermostat? Are you reading data, or actively changing settings. Please be explicit and complete. Thanks!


  • WaterGuyWaterGuy Member, Moderator Posts: 414
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    Hi @markbrule. By connecting your smart devices (whether a thermostat or smart plugs), you're giving OhmConnect permission to automatically turn them off during OhmHours and back on at the end. You can, of course, rescind this permission anytime, but most folks on here have found that shutting off things like your AC, fridge, and/or AV system for an hour can go a long way in energy saving (and your earnings), and automating those things is very convenient when you're away from home or forget about an OhmHour.

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