How to disable one smart device to automatically participate to Ohm Hours?

valeriovalerio Member Posts: 2

I have two smart plugs (TP-Link): one connected to the fridge and the other to a bedroom lamp. I love that the fridge automatically turns off during Ohm Hours but that causes the bedroom lamp to turn on at the end of the Ohm Hours (even if it was off before the Ohm Hour started).

How can I keep the fridge connected to the Ohm Hour and disable the lamp from doing so while still being able to control the lamp from the Kasa app? I tried removing the devices but it looks like it's "all or nothing"... Can't I just keep only the fridge automated and disable the lamp? Thanks


  • WaterGuyWaterGuy Member, Moderator Posts: 414

    @valerio, the plug definitely shouldn't be turning on at the end of the OhmHour if it wasn't on to begin with. I'd recommend disconnecting and reconnecting both plugs from OC and trying again, and if you're still seeing the problem, I'd try contacting support.

  • valeriovalerio Member Posts: 2

    Thank you, I'll check in the next Ohm Hour!

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