How Many Of Your Referrals Completed Sign-Up Process? And How Are You Getting Your Referrals?



  • Kimberly McDermottKimberly McDermott Member Posts: 82
    1st off say what? $100 ohm hours I'm jealous lol I'm platium with 87% average savings on streak 44 but the highest I ever hit was a $52 ohm for the energy emergency on June 21st...and as far as your questions I'll answer as may as I can remember while I'm on my phone and then try to follow up on the computer tomorrow lol
  • Kimberly McDermottKimberly McDermott Member Posts: 82
    Last question 1st...when you go to remind users they are already ALL prechecked (i have a request in to see if they can add a selected /deselect at the top lol) so I DO personalize the can message...and I push send...if any have opted out a big box pops up with all of them listed and the emails do not send and all the boxes get checked again. you have to manuals uncheck the boxes of the ones that have opted out...for me personally that's a pain since i have to sort through 300 to find like 30 and if i miss one yep you guessed it. .I have to do it all over again
  • Kimberly McDermottKimberly McDermott Member Posts: 82
    Regarding why are some people not eligible to cash out their points that should be directed at ohm...because the question actually has more to do with why can't some earn points during ohm hours or reach silver. And under this topic we actually are more interested in getting our referrals to silver...which means 1 they would need to be in an area and with a utility ohm has a contract with and they would need to not currently be enrolled in a competiting demand response program
  • Kimberly McDermottKimberly McDermott Member Posts: 82
    Regarding my still just on the team my person was on when i signed up..its an earning team not a donation type team...we don't really interact much but I like to check the leader boards and see if the program is helping my referrals. ..its nice to see the ones I person know doing well as I know the extra $ can help their families
  • The Bitz BoysThe Bitz Boys Union CityModerator Posts: 1,017
    In terms of people not eligible to cash out points: my understanding is that everyone is eligible to cash them out, but not everyone can earn them for OhmHours and there's a $10 minimum to cash out. As you said, if they aren't a customer of a contracted utility or are in a competing demand response, they cannot earn points for energy savings. Are these types of your referrals still earning points, but just can't cash out?

    Even if they aren't earning points, they can still earn tokens from using OC-compatible smart devices and telling OC what they plan on doing during an OH by clicking on the link they get in their text or email alerts, which they can then exchange for chances to win stuff like sunglasses or even a Tesla Model 3 (don't hold your breath because I have to yet hear of anyone winning anything, so I'm not sure that anyone has won or will). Also, these same folks can actually earn points for referrals that are customers of a contracted utility and make it to silver and then cash out those points because each referral incentive is greater than the cash out minimum.
  • Kimberly McDermottKimberly McDermott Member Posts: 82
    All of what you said is correct...I guess i miss understood your initial question
  • Misti PattenMisti Patten Member Posts: 18
    I'm so confused lol. I have like 25 referrals, one is silver and 5 or 6 are bronze...the thing is 3 of my bronze referrals showed me their emails from SCE saying they had authorized ohmconnect so why aren't they silver? Some of the authorizations are a week old. Am I missing something they need to do? I need rent money lol
  • Kimberly McDermottKimberly McDermott Member Posts: 82
    Depending on the area you're in it may take up to 30days for sce to send there info over to ohm..have you sent out reminders to all of your referrals. .have you downloaded your csv sheet to see if they have all submitted their utility enrollment forms. .and then there can stll be a chance that they are on competing deman programs already. ..I have 11 that look good on my end but are on some version of a competitive program already
  • Misti PattenMisti Patten Member Posts: 18

    Ok, no I haven't tried that. I offered a sign up bonus for people that went silver (I really want that thermostat, lol) and they are frustrated because apparently they've done everything on their end. I know for a fact that two of them are not in competitive programs cuz they are personal friends who have been with SCE forever. Both of them have the emails from SCE saying their authorization is complete. One of those emails was from August 24 but then I have a referral who signed up two days ago who is already silver. I am so confused :/

  • Misti PattenMisti Patten Member Posts: 18

    OK, one of my referrals who is my friend and I have SEEN their SCE authorization email...he is still carbon not even bronze AND is not even showing up on the csv

  • @Misti Patten hmmm not sure what to tell you. ..but contacting support directly especially for specific questions
  • No Pain No GainNo Pain No Gain 93035Member Posts: 404

    @Misti Patten There is a thread about this. Take a look at: Known Issue: Referrals not showing up. A lot of people have the same issue. It's tough trying to get the Labor Day incentive when the tracking system for referrals isn't working right.

  • WaltonsMomWaltonsMom Member Posts: 3

    I can't deal with the send reminders, since I have so many pending, and so many who have opted out. So i copy and paste all the emails and send a email from my personal email.. Works a little easier.. I have activated my double rewards for referrals but seems some are taking forever with PGE to activate , and then one went in same day.. so weird!

  • hello, wanted to give people on this thread a heads up that we have made changes to the referral page and CSV to make it easier to track the current status of your referrals that are pending. there will be more info on this in the weekly summary as well. please take a look when you get a chance.

  • laurelrpatton-comlaurelrpatton-com Member Posts: 21

    I got 0 referrals from posting on Facebook and DMing family and friends there. So far I've only gotten 1 referral: my daughter. She responded to the OC reminder.

  • Kimberly McDermottKimberly McDermott Member Posts: 82
    How's everyone doing with getting people to
    Sign up? I finally had my 200th person reach silver. ..the winter has been slow...but spring has picked up and I'm super excited for summer
  • @Kimberly McDermott What?! That is amazing! Do you have any tips for users here on how to sign people up? Do you talk to them about the Mega Summer and the amazing prizes?

  • Kimberly McDermottKimberly McDermott Member Posts: 82
    @anguye42 as you know #MegaSummer just rolled out June 4th so those 200 all came before MegaSummer. ..But I share about ohm connects free program about every 3 days on Facebook and every time I have an "event " whicb might either be an ohm hour or a referral reaching silver or me receiving my ohm hour points...hence that's alot of talking/posting about ohm me...I've actually had almost 700 click thru and sign's just getting them to all convert to silver...
  • @Kimberly McDermott You're super - our referral queen! You're right; silver is the tricky part since the process is completely determined by the utility company. It great to hear that is how you motivate people to sign up.

  • Kimberly McDermottKimberly McDermott Member Posts: 82's the tricky part of completing the steps that the Utilities require to complete the link between Ohm and them but I do my best to try and share tips about the status level tune up tool which helps walk them thru it...But I will have to say Mega Summer is increasing interest for sure...and the high summer utility bills that are starting to roll looks to be a very big summer...I'm hoping to bring my Silvers to Over 300

  • sanjaramissanjaramis Member Posts: 6
    Give us a code please that our overly anxious friends who don't wait for the email to sign up. Missing referrrals because of this.
  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoMember, Moderator Posts: 1,625

    @sanjaramis said:
    Give us a code please that our overly anxious friends who don't wait for the email to sign up. Missing referrrals because of this.

    On your dashboard click the button that says "invite friends". On the next page is a customized link for you to give them.

    Or, give them this one...


  • Scott RaderScott Rader Member Posts: 8

    We started feb 18, and so far I have 4 completed referrals, 3 expired/withdrawn referrals, about 5 that aren’t in the area so I got tokens, 2 awaiting utility paperwork, 1 sitting for 2 weeks now awaiting “participation” which they have done btw.
    I post on FB, ND and have tweeted. I think I’ve gotten pretty similar sign ups from FB and ND, it’s clearly the follow through that is the issue. I always post when Ike cashing out like $200.
    Lots of people are skeptical, and that’s fair these days, everyone is a fraud. And then there’s the slightly nutty types that think this is all a scam taking money and charging us higher rates blah blah, despite me explaining to them that even if that is true, wouldn’t you want to get that money back???? It’s government welfare socialism based on a made up “global warming” crisis 🙄
    Anyway, it sure would be nice to se better and faster responses from the OC people in regards to people’s questions and what not. I can never in good faith tell my friends that it is always straight forward or easy if there’s an issue since the OC staff is less than responsive. Still, Ill take this free money all day every day.

  • Scott RaderScott Rader Member Posts: 8

    Also of note, it would be real nice to have actual names by my referrals, as I don’t know who half of them actually are. “Sgtheman54” is not all that helpful for me to try to figure out, just sayin 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Brianne BellBrianne Bell Member Posts: 2

    I've had 4 referrals sign up under me and got paid for it. They were all people I know. I got $40 per person so it has been really sweet for me! I used the points to get the double referral bonus so it really did help. Plus I'm in Canada so $40USD is more like $50 for me!

    I also wrote a blog post about my OhmConnect Review so I'm hoping some people will start signing up through there soon!

  • madan9125madan9125 Member Posts: 5

    @Brianne Bell thanks so much for reviewing OhmConnect and participating in our referrals program. We are glad you are enjoying the rewards and want to thank you for your wonderful blog post!

  • SmartMeterHouseSmartMeterHouse SCEMember Posts: 22

    I read it too, then found more great BB tips there...


  • OHMsmartOHMsmart Member Posts: 2

    Results from referral palooza 2019... Approx 350 registered, approx 100 connected utility + got ohm hour and worth $40 ea... approx 25 unsubscribed from emails... approx 5 completely quit after starting enrollment... overall, decent acceptance rates and we are grateful for the extra $$ this year! Tku ohmconnect

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