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Nest not getting shut down

Today's OhmHour is the second in a row that my Nest thermostats did not shutdown for OhmHour. This after a 13 in a row streak seems odd that the issue would be on my end... Thanks to the 104 degree temperature outside my usage far exceeds my baseline. I have never experienced this issue before. Is there an issue I am not aware of? Anyone else seeing this problem?


  • Richard strangeRichard strange SoCalPosts: 71Member

    My nest didn't shut off on the 18th along with my TP link plugs, however it worked as expected today.

  • StaticmanStaticman Posts: 3Member

    This happened to me also on 8/24 and 8/28 ohmhours.

  • The Little Ohmer TwinsThe Little Ohmer Twins Union CityPosts: 1,014Moderator
    edited September 2017

    That's a great idea! It's almost like a fail-safe especially for those who are committed to protecting their streaks. Worst case, when you can't manually control your devices and lose points, you can trade in your tokens for streak shield and opt-out cards to help protect your streak. So keep telling OC how you plan on saving energy and save up your tokens, so you can buy some OhmConnect insurance for your streaks

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