Alternative IFTTT Recipe for WeMo Switches to Toggle Immediately

John KJohn K Lake Forest - Hikers and Bikers TeamMember Posts: 585

@Vicki, you asked for the specifics of my recommended recipe and here are the stepwise instructions for creating such a recipe for the WeMo. This long list of steps makes it look like much more of a deal than it really is, but . . .

  • From the My Recipes page at IFTTT, click on Create a Recipe
  • Click on the blue this to choose a trigger
  • Type "email" into the search field and click on the blue envelope (not the red GMail) -- this should walk you through connecting the email channel where you to declare what email address will be sending the trigger to IFTTT (this can be different from email address for other IFTTT purposes.
  • Click on Send IFTTT any email
  • Click on Create Trigger button
  • Click on the word that
  • Type WeMo into the search field to choose an action channel
  • Click on the appropriate switch and connect it when prompted if it's not already connected
  • Click on the box labeled Toggle on/off
  • Choose which switches (all or specific) are to be toggled, and then click on Create Action
  • Click on Create Recipe and make sure the resulting recipe reads correctly.

Note that the above recipe will toggle the switch each time an email is received. Thus, an early announcement (e.g. day-ahead) could trigger the switch and you might need to use the WeMo app to toggle it back. However, this can be avoided by choosing an email provider who allows you to write a rule independent of the email address used by OhmConnect and OhmConnect uses a consistent template. Otherwise, Kate has indicated we should be able to get a bit of assistance to fine tune a solution that only triggers with the start and end alerts for the actual hour.

Now, you need to go to your online portal for your email to write a forwarding rule. Note, if you choose to write the rule within your email client on your computer, your computer must be on at the time of the alert. I found that Hotmail allows a lot of options for writing rules. So, write a rule that forwards any email containing both #OhmHour and today in either the subject or the body text; the ability for Hotmail to search the body text for today is what allows avoidance of forwarding the day-ahead alerts. Specify the forwarding address as [email protected]. This technique uses the OC alerts currently announcing OhmHours, so nothing new is required by OC . . . just that they send the start and end alerts as promised. Now, change your system email address at OC to your Hotmail address and confirm it.

Edit: Changed forwarding rule to avoid triggers by day-ahead alerts, but since "today" does not exist in the email template for the end of an hour, it won't turn off the device. A slight change to the wording of the subject line on the alerts has been requested and should make the WeMo an extremely good choice for a smart switch. I will amend this once the change is accomplished.

Edit#2: I was just advised that OC is unwilling to spend the 5 minutes time necessary to change one word on each of the alert emails (start and end) and thus the WeMo will remain a less than perfect solution for OC.


  • Matt DMatt D Administrator Posts: 36

    Thanks John. Has anyone else made a recipe? Specifically, we are wondering about ChargePoint

  • John KJohn K Lake Forest - Hikers and Bikers TeamMember Posts: 585
    edited June 2017

    @Matt D, given that . . .

    • The above work was undertaken to solve a problem with one of OC's original smartplugs after being
    • Assured by Kate that I'd get OC's support, and
    • I was then refused 5 minutes of work on OC's part to change one word in emails at the start and end of OhmHours,

    wouldn't somebody have to be crazy to make a similar effort on a ChargePoint solution?

  • Richard strangeRichard strange SoCalMember Posts: 71
    edited June 2017

    @Matt D Why is there even a ChargePoint solution needed if there's supposed to be support for it as a device? Or maybe its like the Juicebox that just doesn't work, even though it lets you connect (with a success message) even though you might have just made up a device ID or username.... even a real ID doesn't allow it to actually function. Adding a Volt also is not an option that shouldn't be there, since its not supported.

  • Daniel5Daniel5 Santa Rosa, CAMember Posts: 12

    Sorry for replying to an old topic but could use your help. This makes sense to me how to turn the device off but how would you instruct the device to turn back on? Not sure what kind of trigger to use

  • Hi @Daniel5, have you tried using the end of #OhmHour notification to turn the device back on?

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