Can someone help me understand this math?

My forecasted use is 23.16. In order to make Platinum, I would need to hit 13.90 (60% of 23.16). My usage is 10.29, or 44.43% of my forecasted use. I have saved 55.57%. Yet, I am in Gold status.

I have asked support but they just point me to the "Ohmconnect and Solar users" forum post which does nothing to explain the figures. The figures on my status are either wrong or there is some extra math on the backend that is fudging the data displayed on my status page.

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    I see the equation and the math makes sense now, but how it came to be that way seems arbitrary. Unless that FAQ gets updated about solar users. I didn't know that OC doesn't get paid for solar users.

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    I'm frankly more interested in keeping mt current streak of 34 going.

  • shawn-kleinsmithshawn-kleinsmith Member Posts: 23

    AVERAGE of last 20! Not just 1.

    Also, wow on energy use, I don't use 23Kw in a whole day but I have solar.

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    @shawn-kleinsmith I don't use 23kW in an hour either.

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    Im not to sure this thing is legit. It says I used more but I unplugged everything and left the house. I'm thinking about deleting it.

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    Do you have a fridge? Did you unplug that too? Often that's n energy hog that people overlook.

    For the forecast and usage you can see what goes into the numbers for each OhmHour.

    Click on the button that looks like this...

    You'll see the numbers that went into the forecast as well as your usage:

    This data came from your utility, and you can confirm it by logging in and downloading your data for comparison. It is 100% legit.

    What numbers do you have?
    Can you post pictures?
    How does the data compare with the data from your utility?

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