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Forecast energy changed after results are in

I initially received an email that my forecast for March 18 OhmHour would be 1.26kWh. I received the following results:
Your use: 0.14 kWh
Forecasted use : 0.188 kWh
Sunday, Mar 18, 4:00-5:00PM

The forecasted usage changed and much lower!

Is this normal or a mistake?


  • Hello, thanks for raising this, great question.

    The forecast that is provided before the event is based on the data we have about 36 hours before the event starts. for a weekend ohmhour, we are using the four prior weekend days... so for your sunday ohmhour your baseline includes the saturday right before your ohmhour on sunday, saturday + sunday the weekend prior, and sunday from 14 days prior. the challenge is we didn't have your saturday usage when we created the forecast, which counts for 25% of your baseline. so yes, that could result in that change.

    we are getting ready to launch a feature that provides a visual of your forecast, showing which days we have and which are blank, with updated data on day of if received. those blanks get filled usually by the time you get your results.

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